iOptron SmartStar-R80

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#8405 GOTONova Handcontroller

Includes the GOTONova Controller - one of the most intuitive controllers on the market.

Over 5000-object database.

Large LCD screen with 4 lines and 21-character wide screen.

Includes USB port for use with additional planetary software and computer interfacing.

Alt-Azimuth Mount – The Cube™

The SmartStar® R-80 refractor telescope comes with our patented Alt-Azimuth Mount, a.k.a. The Cube™. This compact mount design is one of the most functional and flexible units on the market. Sky & Telescope magazine named it “Hot Product 2008." Both axis motors are built into a small single unit with optical encoders that provide accurate GOTO and tracking. The mount is universally compatible with all telescopes using a dove-tail connector plate. With an optional DC adapter, you can plug your telescope mount into your car if you’re camping or at any other remote location.

80 mm Refractor Telescope

Designed with the latest technology, the 80mm lens is crafted with a fluorite-based, low dispersion glass that is ground and polished to exact specifications. The precision design is excellent for viewing bright stars, planets and their moons, as well as for bird watching and other land objects. Two eyepieces come standard to allow for flexibility in viewing either a wider field or a single focused object.

Built-In GPS (#9801 & 9802 Models only)

The SmartStar-R80 GPS system comes standard with a 32-channel GPS module for fully automated operation. Simply turn on the GOTONova Controller and the GPS module will automatically synchronize your telescope location and time with the GOTONova computerized control system. View celestial objects without having to manually punch in the date, time, latitude or longitude.

For models #9501 and #9502, an optional GPS module can be purchased separately (iOptron product #8411).

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80 mm

Focal Length, Ratio

400 mm, f/5

Resolution 1.4”
Magnitude Limit 11.3th Magnitude


K10, K25


3X Barlow

Mount AltAzimuth Mount
Motor Dual-Axis DC Servomotor, DC12V


Dual-Axis, 5-Gear, Electronic (2x, 16x, 64x, 256x, MAX)

GO TO System GOTONovaTM  5,000+ objects database
Tracking Automatic
Tripod 1” aluminum


8 AA (not included)


32-channel GPS (available on 9801 & 9802 models)

Total Weight 13 lbs.
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Extend Tripod Legs

Unlock each leg to extend leg to full length.

Re-lock each leg

Tighten inner round lock.


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#9502 & #9802

SmartStar-R80 (Blue)

#9502 & #9802
#9501 & #9801
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