Chuggington Die-Cast Wilson's Wild Ride



Stack Track

Stack your track as high as the sky with Wilson’s Wild Ride! The new Chuggington Die-Cast playsets from TOMY feature revolutionary track that is engineered for stability and sturdy connections, letting you build elevated layouts like never before. Plus, every action-packed playset can be built multiple ways, so your child’s imagination can run wild.

Build Higher

Awesome new track design lets you build a spiral more than 2 feet tall!

Based on Hit Show

As seen in the episode "Wilson and the Wild Wind," Wilson enters the storm maker machine. Wilson's Wild Ride Playset features storm sounds!

Vehicle Launcher

Pull the lever when Wilson enters the storm machine to activate storm sounds and to launch Wilson.

Big Action Features

Popping cones as Wilson races by!

Four Unique Layouts

Set can create four different track layouts. Additional sets available to expand your Chuggington Stack Track world (sold separately). Layout instructions can be found on


Includes an adaptor track piece that allows you to connect your existing Chuggington Die-Cast track to the new and improved track 

Includes Wilson

Wilson is a lively multi-function engine with oodles of enthusiasm and confidence. His eagerness isn't always matched by his ability to pay attention, so he has some learning to do about listening and following instructions. He's a bit of a scatterbrain and as such often finds himself in deep water. Wilson sometimes gets frustrated at something new or unfamiliar, but he's always curious and ready to learn.  Additional Chuggington characters sold separately.

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Build Higher

Stack Track lets you build a spiral more than 2 feet tall!

Build Higher
Layout 2
Layout 3
Layout 4
Wilson Included
Stack Your Track!
Storm Maker



Builder's Guide

Click here to download the Builder's Guide: Wilson's Wild Ride  LC54220_H



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