Chuggington Die Cast Hoot and Toot


Meet Hoot and Toot!

Hoot and Toot are trainee twin shunting engines - each with a very distinct personality, which can sometimes lead to disagreements - not to mention brother and sister squabbling and rivalry!

Meet Hoot!

Hoot likes to follow the rules. He's calm, level headed and practical. It takes a lot to get him excited! He likes inspecting tracks and doesn't like the dark. Hoot and Toot are usually found in the depot. "Super Duper!"

Meet Toot!

Toot is the more dominant of the pair. She's feisty, a little bit naughty and confident and daring. She is very bossy, loves attention and doesn't like being ignored!

Chuggington Die Cast

Enjoy action-packed train play with Chuggington Die-Cast! With its wide assortment of collectible characters and exciting playsets, children can recreate favorite Chuggington episodes or imagine new adventures.

Stack Track Compatible

Build HIGHER with sturdy track connections and easy to connect track. Build Multiple layouts for more imaginative play. Playsets sold separately.

Durable Construction

Durable, die-cast construction with plastic wheels.

Secure Couplings

Secure front and back couplings easily connect to other vehicles.

Realistic Details

Looks just like the character in the show!

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More About Hoot and Toot

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