Chuggington Die Cast Training Yard with Loop Playset


Meet Wilson!

Wilson is a lively multi-function engine with oodles of enthusiasm and confidence. His eagerness isn't always matched by his ability to pay attention, so he has some learning to do about listening and following instructions. He's a bit of a scatterbrain and as such often finds himself in deep water. Wilson sometimes gets frustrated at something new or unfamiliar, but he's always curious and ready to learn. His catchphrases include "It's training time" and "Let's ride the rails!"

Motorized Engine Launcher

Motorized engine launcher propels up to three engines through the loop!

360° loop!

Spiral Track!

Engines plummet right on down.


Vee knows that every day in Chuggington is an adventure! While she is busy running the depot and keeping the chuggers on schedule, Vee loves to watch the exciting adventures that the chuggers have right in front of her!

Chuggington Die Cast

Enjoy action-packed train play with Chuggington Die-Cast! With its wide assortment of collectible characters and exciting playsets, children can recreate favorite Chuggington episodes or imagine new adventures.

Stack Track Compatible

Build HIGHER with sturdy track connections and easy to connect track. Build Multiple layouts for more imaginative play. Playsets sold separately.

Durable Construction

Durable, die-cast construction with plastic wheels.

Secure Couplings

Secure front and back couplings easily connect to other vehicles.

Realistic Details

Looks just like the character in the show!

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Training Yard with Loop

The Training Yard with Loop Playset is truly an action-packed experience! Engines can plummet down the spiral track, through the launcher to pick up speed to ensure they make it safely around the exciting 360° loop! Motorized engine launcher propels up to three engines through the loop. Features realistic Chuggington sounds, and includes a die-cast Wilson engine and Vee figure.

Training Yard with Loop

Builder's Guide


Click here to download the Builder's Guide: Training Yard with Loop Playset  LC54205_H
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