Make the most of your lunch with LunchBlox

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Snap in Blue Ice

Lunch stays colder, longer with Blue Ice.

Salad Container with topping tray

The LunchBlox salad container has a dividing tray and dressing container. Toppings and lettuce stay separate until you're ready to mix and eat. No more soggy salad!

Entrée with Dividers

The entrée container has 2 drop in dividing trays, allowing you to separate your food and even heat one tray while keeping the other cold. You can also use the container without the dividers for larger portions.

Sandwich Container

This perfectly sized container fits sandwiches, and hold a wide range of basic and specialty breads.

Side Containers

The sides container is perfectly portioned for fruit, veggies, and other sides.

Snack Containers

The Snack container portions your salty or sweet snacks.

Lunch Bag

LunchBlox can be configured in any lunch bag, but the stylish LunchBlox lunch bag is constructed with LunchBlox kits in mind.

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