Lil' Luxuries® Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa & Shower


Modern Style, Function and Design

The comfortably contoured tub design gives your little one a luxurious spa experience. The modern look and feel complements any bathroom decor. Available in multiple colors that vary by retailer.

Soothing Whirlpool

The motorized water jets has three modes to create vibrations, bubbles, or whirlpool, so your precious little one can enjoy a soothing spa effect. The double walled tub keeps the water warmer for baby’s comfort. Gentle massaging bubbles pamper your baby like no other tub can.

Gentle, Cleansing Shower

The ergonomic shower handle is easy to hold and use with the simple touch of an on/off button. The shower unit produces a gentle flow of water to shower your little one making it easy to wash their hair or reach their backside. For extended use, this shower unit can be used in the adult tub. Note: When using the shower unit begin by pointing the shower head towards the bottom of the tub. Hold until all of the air is out of the shower hose and water begins to flow in a steady stream.

Soft Newborn Sling

The newborn cradling sling, with plush bolster headrest lets you bathe your baby in the sink, the infant tub, or an adult tub.

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