Secure Pressure Single Set Gate


Hardwood Frame

The gate has a sturdy wood frame with rigid mesh panels to provide a secure barrier.

Single Set Mechanism

Memory positioning, simply slide over the locking pin on the gate and the width is locked in for easy take down and re-installation!

Marked Sizes

Help setting the width of the gate, adding convenience to the set up of the gate.

Locking Pin

Ensures proper gate width locking on the set width needed for a proper fit.

Rubber Bumpers

Help keep walls scuff free when gate is installed.

Pressure Mounting

The gate is conveniently pressure mounting, taking only seconds to install. Use in-between rooms to keep your toddler out of trouble. No hardware needed.

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Single Set Mechanism

When you need a simple way to add security to your home, the Secure Pressure Single Set gate is the perfect solution. The gate installs in seconds and our Single Set mechanism allows you to set and forget the width when removing and replacing the gate.

Single Set Mechanism


  • 39'' x 2.25'' x 32''
  • 26'' - 42'' wide
  • Recommended for ages 6-24 months
  • Made in China
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