Eureka® Enviro Steamer® 313A



Chemical-Free Steam Sanitizer

Sanitize hard floors with steam—no harsh chemicals needed.

Single-Step Cleaning

Add water and go—easily clean floors in a single step.

Add Water Indicator Light

Lights up to let you know when it's time to add more water.

Enviro Kit

Comes with funnel, measuring cup and an extra Magic Cloth.

Easy-Reach Design

Reaches under counters and into corners to sanitize the entire floor.

Adjustable Handle with Cord Wrap

20 ft cord stores on adjustable telescopic handle for convenient storage.

Easy-Release Magic Cloth Holders

Machine washable magic cloth is held in place and easy to release.

12.5 Inch Cleaning Path

Clean floors faster with a 12.5 inch wide cleaning path.

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312A Left view Full Features: No Chemicals, Single-Step Cleaning, Add Water Indicator Light, Easy-Reach Design, Adjustable Handle
Water Tank:
12 ounce
2 Magic Cloths (#60978), Measuring Cup, Funnel 
Cord Length:
20 feet
Cleaning Path:
12.5 inches
800 watts
5.4 pounds


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