FoodSaver® V3440 Vacuum Sealing System


Fully Automatic Operation

  • Auto detects FoodSaver® bag and starts vacuum sealing

Air-Tight Heat Seal

  • Removes air from specially designed bags
  • Heat seals to keep air out

Rapid Marinate Mode

  • Marinate in minutes instead of hours

2 Vacuum Speeds

  • Gentle feature prevents crushing of delicate food
  • Once you set the vacuum sealer in the Gentle mode, it will automatically start to remove the air from the bag, when enough air has been removed press the Seal button to prevent it from crushing your delicate foods.
  • Adjusts vacuum speed based on food type


Accessory Mode for Containers and Canisters

  • Seals any FoodSaver® container air tight

Convenient Roll Storage

  • Convenient storage for FoodSaver® Rolls
  • Built in cutter easily creates custom-sized bags

Starter Kit Includes

1 - 11in. x 10 ft. Heat-Seal Roll
3 - Quart Size Heat-Seal Bags
2 - Gallon Size Heat-Seal Bags
Accessory Hose

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Why FoodSaver®?

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Ease of Use

Vacuum seal food in just 2 easy steps.

Step 1

Fill bag and place open end into appliance.

Ease of Use
Step 2
Save Food
Save Money
Save Time
Versatile & Economical
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