Camp Chef 2 Burner Explorer Stove

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Powerful Burners

The Explorer has two powerful cast iron burners that put out 30,000 BTU's each.  You'll be cooking in no time.

Knobs and Valves

The luxury of adjusting the flame is yours.  If you want it burning hot or just a slow simmer, Camp Chef is ready.


Keep the heat on what your cooking.  The Camp Chef windscreen is easy to remove and pack. It is also an essential part of your outdoor cooking experience.

Adjustable / Removable Legs

Your Explorer is able to go anywhere.  Uneven surfaces are no problem as you can adjust the height of each leg to create a level cooking environment.

Easy to Carry and Transport

Simply remove the legs and windscreen, slide them into their carry bag and you are ready to go.

Barbeque Grill

Turn your stove into a powerful barbeque grill by just adding one of the grill box accessories.

  • BB60x shown with stove


A must have accessory, Camp Chef's true seasoned high walled griddles are ready to cook out of the box. Breakfast, lunch dinner, large or small groups, we have a size to help you get the job done right.
SG60 Professional 15 x 32 Fry Griddle shown on stove

Dutch Ovens and Skillets

Put your Dutch oven right on the stove - don't mess with coals again. Many Dutch oven cooks are discovering the ease of using Camp Chef stoves with their cast iron pots. Use a skillet and cook up those eggs.
DO 12 and SK12 w/ Lid shown on stove

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2 Burner Explorer

Great in the outdoors or on the patio.  Emergency preparedness, camping, boating, car camping, the cabin, RV, or the patio.

2 Burner Explorer
Cooking in the Outdoors
Powerful Barbeque
Griddle up Breakfast
Dutch Oven Cooking
Backyard Barbecues

Accessory Guide

Accessory Guide:

Deluxe Barbecue Grill Box

  • Model # BB60X
  • Covers full cooking surface (2 burners)
  • Cast iron grill grates
  • High top lid

Professional Grill Box

  • Model # BB60L
  • Covers 1 Burner
  • Built in lid
  • Cast iron  grill grate

Single Burner Grill Box w/Lid

  • Model # BB100L
  • Covers 1 burner
  • Removable lid
  • Cast iron grill grates

Professional Fry Griddle
15" x 32"

  • Model # SG60
  • Covers full cooking surface of 2 burner stoves
  • True seasoned

Professional Fry Griddle
15" x 16"

  • Model # SG30
  • Covers 1 burner
  • True seasoned

Universal Fry Griddle
16" x 14"

  • Model # FG16
  • Covers 1 burner
  • Lifted sides

Reversible True Seasoned Cast Iron Grill/Griddle 16"

Model # CGG16B

Side Shelves for 2 Burner Stoves

  • Model # LS60P
  • Comes with 2 shelves

Utility Shelf for 2 Burner Stove w/ Removable Legs

Part number # 330094

Carry Bag for 2 Burner Stoves

Model # CB60UNV

Camo Carry Bag for 2 Burner Stoves

Model # CB60C

Patio Cover for 2 Burner Stoves w/ Removable Legs

Model # PC32

Roller Carry Bag for 2 Burner Stoves

Model # RCB60

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Setting up your Explorer 2 Burner Stove

Watch this short video to view how to set up and light your stove.

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