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Powerful Burners

2 powerful burners that will get you cooking in no time.  Perfect for boiling water or cooking pancakes on the griddle.

  • Each burner puts out 5,300 BTU's per hour
  • Easy to clean with removable wire rack
  • Bronze topped burners look great and are simple to clean

Lid & Windscreen

The lid not only protects the burners and makes storing this oven easy, it also acts a windscreen.  Side screens easily fold out and clip into place.

Powerful Oven

Oven Dimensions are:

  • Width is 16 inches
  • Height is 10 inches
  • Length is 10 inches

*Max Heat Output is 450°
*May differ according to region and envrionment (+-)50°

Easy Lift Handles

Built in handles make the oven easy to carry and transport.

Matchless Ignition

Easy start Matchless Ignition

  • Simply push in the knob and turn

Glass Door

Wonderful glass door allows you to check on what you're baking.

Runs on a Disposable Bottle

Runs on a 1 lb.  disposable bottle of propane.  Will burn for 6 hours on just burners and 4 hours with oven.

Bulk Tank Adaptable

Can be adapted to a bulk tank

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Great for Baking

This is the oven you need.  Anywhere, anytime - if you've ever wanted a oven in the backcountry now you've got one.  Camp Chef is proud to have the Outdoor Camp Oven in their line up of great stoves.

Great for Baking
Fantastic Stove
Outdoor Camp Oven

Accessory Guide

Accessory Guide

Bulk Tank Adapter Hose

  • model # HRDSP
  • Disposable bottle regulator bulk tank hose adapter. Can be used with any disposable bottle regulator.

Outdoor Camp Oven Padded Carry Bag

  • Model # C-OVENCB
  • Padded bag lets you take the oven with you without worrying about breaking the glass
  • Easy carry handles on the side

All Cabin Kitchen Cast Iron Products

  • If you haven't tried our cast iron products you are missing out.  You'll love the way they cook - even and perfect.
  • Pie pans, cornbread pans, bread pans, muffin pans, and more.

Cast Iron Skillets

  • Models # SK10, SK12, SK14
  • Seasoned ready to cook. 
  • Includes a grip handle for effortless lifting
  • Dual pour spouts for cooking
  • Commemorative Lewis & Clark Edition

Lumber Jack Skillets

  • Models # SLJ12, SLJ 16, SLJ20
  • Steel skillet features deep-dish sides and a thin patina for easy cooking
  • Black, seasoned finish

Universal 13 x13 Fry Griddle

  • Model # FG13
  • Sloped sides make for less mess
  • Handle in front makes for easy transport
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Setting Up Your Outdoor Camp Oven

This video shows you how to set up your outdoor camp oven

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