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Ergobaby™ Swaddler Sweet Dreams for You & Your Baby

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Ergobaby™ Swaddler Key Features

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Ergobaby™ Swaddler Step-by-Step Directions

  • Easy-of-Use

     The Ergobaby Swaddler is easy to use & just takes a couple of steps to get baby swaddled safe & snug!

    • Find a flat, soft surface such as a changing table, where baby will not roll off.
    • Open up both fastener tabs & place baby on top of the Swaddler, making sure the baby’s bottom is in the contoured seated area above the Hip Flap support.
  • Arm Pockets (Left Arm)

     Next, secure baby’s arms

    • Start by placing baby’s left arm inside the Arm Sleeve Pocket, with palm facing up & elbow naturally at a slight angle.
  • Arm Pockets (Right Arm)

    For the arm pockets,

    • Simply tuck the Arm Sleeve Flap under the upper arm, gently securing it in place.
    • Next, bring the left Arm Sleeve across the chest, tucking it tightly & low under baby’s bottom.  
  • Hands-to-Heart

     Now, do the same for the right arm.

    • Bring the right Arm Sleeve across the chest above the left arm, securing the fastener tab behind baby’s back
  • Healthy Hip Positioner

     The next step is to secure the healthy hip positioner.

    • Bring the hip positioner up between your baby’s legs & secure in place with the fastener tab over the tummy.
  • Optional Leg Pouch

     Lastly, if you choose to use the optional Leg Pouch,

    • Simply insert your baby’s legs. The Ergobaby Swaddler features an Optional Leg Pouch, which allows baby's diaper to be easily changed & baby safely secured into a bouncer or swing.


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