Summer Infant - Step to Secure Wood Walk-Thru Gate Product Demo

Step to Secure Wood Walk-Thru Gate Intro

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Step to Secure Wood Walk-Thru Gate Features

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    • U-Frame Design:

      The revolutionary U-Frame design offers the simplest installation for between rooms. The design allows pressure mount installation to be completed in 3 easy steps with no tools required.

    • Pressure Mount Installation:

      The U-Frame pressure mount installation enables the U-Frame to be removed in seconds for occasions where you may want a gate free walk-thru, and it can be re-installed just as quickly. (For those that prefer to install the gate at the top of the stairs, a hardware mount is also included.)

    • Locking Foot Pedal:

      Lock and secure the U-Frame into place with one step onto the locking foot pedal.

    • Keyhole Design Hinge Brackets:

      The keyhole design allows the gate door to be easily installed or removed by adults while preventing it from being uninstalled by children. With gate at a 90 degree angle, line up the hinges on the gate door with the keyhole design hinge brackets on the U-Frame. The gate door hinges will slide into place on the U-Frame hinge brackets completing the gate door installation.

    • Extra Wide Walk-Thru Door:

      The extra wide walk-thru wooden door becomes the full width of the doorway. The walnut stain finish will compliment your home décor.

    • Comfort Grip Handle:

      The comfort grip handle has a contoured shape that your palm will comfortably fit around for easy, one-handed operation.

    • Lock Indicator:

      A visible green sticker indicates that the lock is fully engaged and secure.


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