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    • SwiftSmart Threading with Automatic Needle Threader:

      Thread the machine in a snap with the SwiftSmart Threading System from SINGER. It's one of the fastest ways to thread a sewing machine. The thread is placed through only one simple path. Just follow the guides and press the lever – conveniently located on the side of the machine, and your needle is threaded for you automatically! 

    • Drop & Sew Bobbin System:

      The Drop & Sew Bobbin is a great time-saving feature. There’s no need to draw up the bobbin thread before you start to sew – the machine will pick it up for you!
      Set your bobbin in the bobbin case, then place the thread tail into the groove. Trim the tail and just start sewing. The bobbins and bobbin cover are transparent, making it easy to monitor your thread supply.

    • 215 Built-In Stitches Including 17 Quilt Stitches:

      The SINGER 8500Q Modern Quilter quilting & sewing machine features 215 built-in stitches. There’s a great selection of quilting stitches – perfect for all types of quilting projects. Among these quilting favorite are the Hand-Look Quilt Stitch, Blind Appliqué Stitches and stitches for creating Pin Stitch Appliqués. There are also essential, stretch and decorative stitches to choose from including 6 Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes and an Endless Buttonhole. The four most popular basic utility stitches are located on the front of the machine. Just touch the stitch you want and sew. To view the full menu of stitches, a simple turn of the Stitch Selection Dial allows you to browse. The stitch is displayed on the LCD Screen. Select your stitch and sew.

    • 7 Styles of Buttonholes:

      Create buttonholes for your projects in one easy step! Just set the machine to the buttonhole, place the button onto the Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole Foot and the machine does the rest! Both sides of the buttonhole are sewn in the same direction creating perfectly balanced buttonholes without any fabric shifting.The Buttonhole Foot with Underplate holds the fabric securely, even on thick or uneven fabrics. Every buttonhole is perfectly sized for your button, no matter how many buttonholes you want to make. Choose from 7 different styles, including an Endless Buttonhole feature, so you can make buttonholes any size you want.

    • Programmable Needle Up/Down:

      With the Programmable Needle Up/Down feature, you can choose to have your needle in either the up or down position when you stop sewing. Leave it off if you want the needle to stop in the up position. With a simple touch of the button, your needle will stop in the down position making it easy to pivot corners, sew appliques and more. Programmable Needle Up/Down is a must-have feature, especially for quilters and fashion sewers!

    • Drop Feed:

      Feed Dogs are located under the presser foot of the sewing machine. Feed Dogs move from front to back in a rotating motion to move the fabric through the machine as you sew. Conveniently located at the back of the machine, the Drop Feed Lever lowers the feed dogs. Disengage the feed dogs when free-motion sewing so you can move the fabric manually. Drop Feed is a must-have for quilting and fashion sewing!

    • Block Alphabet & Numerals Included:

      The built-in lettering allows you to combine letters, numbers and decorative stitches to create customer stitch sequences. Personalize quilt labels with letter and stitch combinations, create unique home décor projects, or embellish fashions and accessories. SINGER makes it easy for you to personalize your sewing projects.

    • Variable Speed Control:

       The SINGER 8500Q Modern Quilter has a Speed Control feature. Use the Speed Control lever to set the sewing speed wherever you want it, whether you sew with the foot controller or without. When sewing with the foot controller you can use the Speed Control lever to set the maximum sewing speed, regardless of the amount of pressure you apply to the foot controller – great when you want speed consistency like free-motion sewing. You can also sew without the foot controller; set the speed control lever to the speed you want then press the Start/Stop button to begin sewing and finish sewing.

    • Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer:

      The SINGER 8500Q Modern Quilter quilting and sewing machine features an Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer – a must have for all sewers and quilters. With the touch of a button you can instantly cut both the top thread and bobbin thread. The Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer eliminates the need to manually trim the top thread or reach under your project to trim the bobbin thread. Both thread tails are neatly trimmed, appearing on the underside of your project. Just reposition your fabric as desired and you’re ready to continue sewing. The Automatic Electronic Thread Trimmer is great for all types of sewing projects – it’s not only convenient but it saves you time and thread too.

    • FREE Accessories Including Bonus Quilting Extras:

      Essential Quilting Accessories like a Knee Lifter, which allows for hands-free raising and lowering of the presser foot. Darning / Embroidery Foot for free-motion quilting and thread painting, Even Feed / Walking Foot for sewing quilt layers, Quarter Inch Foot for piecing, Open Toe Foot for surface embellishment & Edge / Quilting Guide.
      All-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot with Underplate, Blind Hem Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Pack of Needles, Bobbins (Class 15J), Thread Spool Caps, Thread Spool Nets, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Screwdrivers, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, Extension Table 22.4” length x 14.4” width with circular sewing pin, Instruction Manual with included Stitch Guide, Quick Start Guide, Power Cord, Foot Controller


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    • 8500Q

      Quilting & Sewing Machine


      2020 & 2045



      17"L x 8"W x 12.5"H

      16.25 pounds

      25-Year Limited


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