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Baby Zoom™ WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System Intro

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Baby Zoom™ WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System Features

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    • In-home handheld monitor:

      For monitoring in-home, and continuous and overnight monitoring, the 2.5” color handheld unit provides parents peace of mind, day and night. With digital technology for privacy and security, and handheld portability, parents can remotely control the camera, view temperature, talk to baby, and move throughout the house freely, with a range of up to 400-feet.

    • Two-way communication:

      Calm your baby with the sound of your own voice with talk-back. With the touch of a button, parents can speak into the handheld unit or their smart device and have their voice projected through the camera in the nursery. It’s reassuring for parents to talk to or soothe a crying baby and let them know you are on your way. It’s also a convenient tool for parents, making communication easy if they need help in the nursery or as a reminder to bring something from one room to another.

    • Temperature display:

      This camera includes a temperature monitor for your baby’s room and will help know that your baby is comfortable. The temperature of the nursery can be displayed on the handheld monitor or smart device screen with the option for either a Fahrenheit or Celsius reading.

    • WiFi enabled camera:

      The camera includes a digital connection for monitoring on the handheld unit and it is Wi-Fi enabled for viewing on smart devices and computers in-home and away from home. The camera has lights on the front that indicate the viewing connections:

      • Four solid green lights indicate a connection to the home wireless network
      • Two green and two white lights indicate a connection for viewing on in-home handheld unit only
      • Solid white lights indicate “privacy mode” is enabled meaning remote viewing access has been restricted (requires upgraded service)
    • Pan/scan/zoom:

      Keeping baby in view is important and as they get more mobile and curious, parents can use the pan and scan feature to remotely adjust the camera view horizontally and vertically and then zoom in for closer views.

    • Night vision:

      Rest assured knowing you can see your baby day and night with automatic night vision. The system automatically adjusts to the level of light in the room to keep your baby in view in low light and dark room conditions, making it easy to continue monitoring overnight.

    • Internet viewing system:

      View in-home and away anytime, from anywhere with the only internet viewing system that also includes an in-home handheld monitor for continuous and overnight monitoring.

    • Free APP for iOS & Android:

      Download the free Summer Link WiFi APP to your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet and enjoy in-home and remote viewing on your digital devices. With bank-level encryption and your own login, viewing is secure and private.

    • Snapshot & Video:

      Capture precious moments with a snapshot or video recording and save to your smart device or computer. This unique feature makes it easy to share your favorite images with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • Privacy mode:

      This mode allows the administrative user to control viewing access. The option to share your username and password with friends and family is a great way to allow them to see your baby but you may not want this option available at all times. Privacy mode allows you to “turn off” remote viewing access. External users will receive a “camera not available at this time” message when they try to log-in. It is an easy on/off option on the screen in the app anytime you want to enter privacy mode. (See “camera indicator light section” for the convenient way to know if you this option is turned on or off.)


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