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Earlex Spray Station Gemini Intro

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Earlex Spray Station Gemini Features

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    • Twin Technologies:
      • Maximum control, minimal overspray.
      • Easy setup, use and clean up.
      • 2 stage turbine and 5 speed pump.
      • A complete painting and finishing system.
      • Sprays 3 times faster than traditional HVLP systems and is 6 times faster than a brush or roller.


    • Spray from the 1qt. Contatiner:
      • Use for smaller projects.
      • Sprays water-based and solvent-based materials including thinned latex, enamels, deck stains, wood treatments, urethanes, varnishes, laquers, water sealants, and other thin-medium bodied materials.
    • Spray Direct from Paint Can:
      • Sprays latex direct from one gallon paint can or 2.5 gallons in the bucket, without thinning, for larger projects.
      • Use water-based and water-borne materials ONLY when pumping direct from the paint can or bucket.
    • Lightweight Expert Gun:

      Lightweight expert gun for continuous spraying.

    • Sprays Latex on 8' x 8' Area in 6 minutes:
    • Sprays Stain on 8' x 6' area in 2 minutes:
    • 3 Spray Patterns:

      External three spray pattern adjustor for horizontal, vertical and detailed patterns.

    • Spray Volume Control:

      Thumb control paint flow dial for adjusting the quantity of coating being sprayed.

    • Front Loading Needles:

      Front loading needles for fast changing and easy cleaning.

    • Comfort Grip Handle and Trigger:
    • Quick Clean Up:

      Less than 15 minute clean up time.

    • Included Accessories:

      Includes quart paint container with lid for smaller jobs, paint stirrer, faucet cleaning attachment, viscosity cup and How-To DVD.


Earlex Spray Station Gemini 360 Rotation

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Earlex Spray Station Gemini Applications

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Earlex Spray Station Gemini Specs

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    • Powerful 600 Watt - 2 Stage Turbine:

    • 13' Hose:

    • 5 Speed Pump:

      5 speed pump allows for adjusting flow of paint.

    • Holds 1 Gallon Paint Can or 2.5 Gallons in the Bucket:

    • 1 qt Container:

      Includes 1 qt wide-mouth paint container with lid for smaller projects.

    • Latex/Stain Tip:

      Includes 2.0mm (0.08") brass tip and needle (optional sizes available).

    • Easy Hose Connections:

      Easy push fit hose connections.

    • On Board Storage:

      On board storage for hose and spray gun.

    • Carry Handle for Easy Portability:

    • Hanging Hook:


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