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    • Easy Threading:

      The SINGER 1512 Promise II sewing machine is not only simple to use but it’s simple to thread, too. Thread guides are clearly marked on the machine, making threading quick and easy. Just thread the needle and you’re ready to sew. Save time threading, so you can have more time being creative.  

    • Professional Buttonholes:

      The SINGER 1512 Promise II sewing machine has a built-in Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole. Creating buttonholes for your projects is as easy as 1, 2, 3...4! The machine shows you exactly where to set the dial. Just repeat these 4 easy steps to make as many buttonholes as you want for your projects. Now you can sew buttonholes with confidence!

    • Simple Stitch Selection:

      The stitches on the SINGER 1512 Promise II sewing machine are clearly displayed on the pattern selector dial. Just turn the dial until the stitch you want to sew lines up with the mark on the machine, then sew; it's that easy! When you're ready to sew a new stitch a simple turn of the dial is all that's needed; it's quick and convenient. 

    • Preset Stitch Width & Length:

      The SINGER 1512 Promise II sewing machine features preset stitch width and length. When you choose a stitch on the pattern selector dial, the length and width are set for you. Stitch a hem with the Blind Hem stitch, add an appliqué with the ZigZag stitch, insert elastic with the Multi-ZigZag stitch or simply sew a seam with the Straight stitch. There’s no guesswork; preset stitch width and length means you just choose your stitch, and you are ready to sew!

    • 13 Stitches:

      The SINGER 1512 Promise II sewing machine has 13 built-in stitches including 11 Essential stitches, a Decorative stitch and an Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole. Choose from Straight stitches, ZigZag stitches, Hemming stitches and more. You can even combine rows of stitches to add a personal touch to your fashions, crafts, quilts and home decorating projects. Get your great selection of basic stitches from SINGER. 

    • FREE Accessories Included:

      The 1512 Promise IIsewing machine comes with variety of presser feet and accessories for basic sewing. Included Accessories: All-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Package of Needles, Bobbins (Class 15), Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, Edge / Quilting Guide, Darning Plate, Screwdriver, Darning Plate,  Thread Spool Felt, Instruction Manual with included Stitch Guide, Foot Control and Power Cord. All you need to get started is included. 


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SINGER 1512 Promise II sewing machine Specs

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    • Model #



      Bobbin Class







    • 1512

      13 Stitch Basic Sewing Machine

      Sewing Machine


      2020 & 2045

      120 Volt 10 Watt


      15" L x 6.25" W x 12" H

      11.4 pounds

      25 - Year Limited


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