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    • Meet Koko!:

      Koko is a fearless female streamlined Eurostar-type passenger engine built for high speed. Unlike the other engines, Koko is completely electric and draws her power directly from the tracks beneath her. Koko loves going flat out, whooshing ahead of the others, and has yet to learn that speed isn't everything. She loves to explore and have adventures. Koko is very confident and loves to challenge her friends to a dare or race. Although her spirit might get her into mischief, she is always well-meaning and knows when to apologize. Her favorite catchphrases are "Can't catch Koko!" and "Chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!"

    • Koko Talks!:

      Push her horn and hear Koko say: "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo," "Go Koko go Koko" and "Traintastic" and her unique whistle.

    • Koko Lights Up!:

      Push her horn to see her headlight glow.

    • Real Wood Construction:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway combines the charm of wooden train play with the exciting world of Chuggington.

    • Compatible System:

      Chuggington Wooden Railway track and vehicles are compatible with other wooden track systems.


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