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KitchenAid® KMT223 2-Slice Toaster Features

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    • Extra-Wide 1-1/2 Inch Slots:

      Extra-Wide slots will accept the thickest bagels, breads or pastries. The extra-deep, steel toasting cavity ensures even browning. The racks automatically adjust the slot width for thick and thin slices, keeping food upright for even toasting.

    • One-Touch Motorized Lift Control:

      A single touch of a button gently lowers bread into the toaster. When your toast is done, it will automatically be lifted high enough to keep your fingers safe from the heat.

    • LCD Display with Digital Progress Bar:

      LCD Display  remembers the last shading and function selection, so everything toasts the same way every time. A sleek, digital progress bar shows when the toast will be ready.

    • Bagel Button:

      The bagel toasting function reduces the power on one side of the heating element to 50%, to gently brown the outside and precisely toast the inside. 

    • Keep Warm, Defrost, Reheat and Toast/Cancel Buttons:

      Keep toasted foods warm for up to one minute using the Keep Warm Button. With the Defrost Button, frozen pastries can be toasted to perfection in minutes. The Reheat Button quickly reheats toasted food in under a minute. The Toast/Cancel button is an easy way to start or cancel toasting at any point.

    • Soft Touch Shade Control Knob:

      Our shade control allows  7-shade settings,  providing you with precise toasting control every time.

    • Removeable Crumb Tray:

      Our crumb tray is located along the entire bottom of the toaster and slides out for easy cleaning.

    • All-Metal Construction:

      An all-metal construction provides the durability and stylish good looks you've come to expect from KitchenAid.


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