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Sansui - Brush Connect LED Features

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    • Full HD 1080:

      Full HD is characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and progressive scan, meaning unlike the 1080i display standard, the image is not interlaced. 

    • Fully Integrated Digital TV:

      With the sleekest design, the latest in video technology has just entered your home. Enhance your viewing experience with the ‘all in one’ Integrated High Definition Sansui LCDs.

    • Dual Core Processor:

      The age of digital TV needs something equally smart to support its back-end. The conventional television is not equipped to multitask or efficiently handle the demanding processes like Over The Top (OTT) delivery, 3D Gaming and other Internet applications. 

    • 14 Bit Video Processing:

      While the rest of the conventional LCDs are still promising you 10 Bit Video Processing, open your eyes to a new kind of vibrant picture quality. Sansui LCDs will take you step closer to the real picture. Presenting for the first in India, the 14 Bit Video processing that offers a vivid palette of 4,000 billion display colours. 

    • Strata Certified Audio-Intensity of sound:

      Introducing, a technology so smart that it senses the mood of your sound and adds the finesse` it needs to give you the ultimate experience. STRATA will take you to a zone of brilliant lows and stunning highs, where you can feel every beat at the most demanding volume levels with its state-of-the-art acoustic design, intelligent amplifier design and advanced transducer technology. 

    • Faroudja Video Optimized - Intelligent optimization:

      It’s one of the most celebrated technologies earning three Emmy awards for excellence in optimized audio & video technology. Thanks to this, the broadcast and professional video have achieved the finest quality viewing experience. FAROUDJA Audio modifies sound’s phase and amplitude to a reference level to improve performance, assuring corrected sound performance.

    • Faroudja Audio Optimized- Intelligent optimization:

      Faroudja Audio Optimized audio processing modifies both the phase and amplitude to a reference level, the TV will offer improved performance, in addition to any other audio processing offered, such as dynamic base boost or SRS® processing.

    • 10 Band Graphic Equalizer:

      Open up a world of exceptional sound quality with this incredible 10 Band Graphic Equalizer. Not every conventional LCD can boast of giving out the freedom to set your sound. Only Sansui Connect with 10 BAND equalizer gives you the control to individually manage a number of different frequency bands to give you huge amounts of tone shaping and level control, producing the finest sounds. 

    • Easy Connect (HDMI CEC):

      The in-built CONNECT technology empowers the Sansui LCDs to receive signals directly from the source, thus offering the best in class digital experience.


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Sansui - Brush Connect LED Specifications

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