Porter Cable - PORTER-CABLE OMNIJIG® Joinery System Product Demo

PORTER-CABLE OMNIJIG® Joinery System Features

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    • "Set & Forget":

      Template alignment stops and router bit depth gauges combine to minimize test cuts and offer repeatability across changing applications.

    • Clear and Concise On-board Instructions:

      Guide the user through the various applications, significantly reducing the need to refer to instruction manual.

    • Durable Base Design:

      Allows for clamping or bolting directly onto work bench.

    • Steel and Alloy Construction:

      Durable steel and alloy construction provides longevity.

    • Pre-Assembled and Factory Set:

      To minimize user set-up time.

    • Steel Clamping Bars:

      Provides a firm hold on wood.

    • Single-hand Clamping System:

      Allows for easy positioning of wood on the jig.

    • Stabilizer Bar:

      Enhances router control while deflecting chips downward for a cleaner work environment.

    • Machined, Textured Surfaces:

      Provide excellent grip on wood during operation when used in conjunction with steel clamping mechanism.


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