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Wahl Hot-Cold Therapy Therapeutic Massager (#4292) Features

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    • What's in the kit?:


      • Hot/Cold Hand Held Massager

      • 4 Attachments

        - Smooth Massage

        - Kneading Massage

        - Raised Bump Massage

        - Ripple Wave Massage

      • Instructions

    • Hot/Cold plate:

      Hot/Cold plate covers large surface area.

      Hot and Cold settings-
      Heats to 130 °F / 55 °C
      Cools to 48 °F / 9 °C

    • 2 Speeds:

       Versatile 2 speed unit for a gentle or deep massage

    • Ergonomics:

       Ergonomic design is lightweight and easy to hold

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    • Smooth Massage:

       Ideal for maximum use of the hot cold functionality.

    • Raised Bump Massage:

       A wide ring of small and large nodes replicates a rolling, kneading action.

    • Kneading Massage:

       Large ridged bumps target deep into the muscle tissue.

    • Ripple Wave Massage:

       Creates wave-like vibration to penetrate large surface areas.


Wahl Hot-Cold Therapy Therapeutic Massager (#4292) 360 Rotation

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Wahl Hot-Cold Therapy Therapeutic Massager (#4292) Instructions

  • Instruction Booklet

    The following are steps found in the instruction book that is included in the 4292 box.

  • Safeguards

    Please read all safeguards, warnings and instructions prior to first use.

  • Safeguards (Continued)
  • Safeguards (Continued)
  • Operating Instructions
  • Special Features
  • Cold Setting Attachments
  • Hot Setting Attachments
  • Changing Attachments
  • Massage Techniques
  • Service and Repair
  • Warranty


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