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Slim & Secure® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor Intro

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Slim & Secure® 2 Digital Color Video Monitor Features

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    • Remote pan/scan/zoom camera:

      Remotely control the camera to pan and scan and see more of the nursery, at the touch of a button parents can move the camera left & right, and up & down - so it's easy to keep a mobile baby in view.


    • Night vision:

      Rest assured knowing you can see your baby day and night, including overnight, with automatic night vision. Infrared LEDs automatically adjust to the level of light in the room and transmit a clear black and white image in low-light and darkened room conditions.


    • Handheld monitor:

      2.5" high resolution color LCD video display, with remote controls right from parent handheld to move camera, talk to baby and more!


    • Two-way communication:

      Calm baby with the sound of your voice or a convenient way to remind each other of something needed from the nursery. By speaking into the handheld monitor your voice is projected through the camera, so you can give comfort and reassurance, or gentle reminders, from another room.

    • Sound lights:

      The monitor lets you not only hear your baby but with sound activated lights, parents can "see" the sound level coming from baby's room. Displayed on a color bar, the color changes as the sound level changes; moving from green to amber to red as the sound level increases. These lights can be especially helpful for parents when they are in a noisy or crowded room.


    • Portability:

      A rechargeable battery provides added portability and convenience; parents can move freely throughout the house and keep baby in view, with a range up to 600-feet.


    • Video On/Off:

      This quick-view button lets you turn the video on and off, to conserve battery power, without fully powering the handheld unit on and off. When video is "off," the audio and sound lights continue to funtion normally. This is ideal for a quick-view of baby in the middle of the night.



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