Husqvarna - Husqvarna FT900 Tiller Product Demo

Husqvarna FT900 Tiller Intro

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Husqvarna FT900 Tiller Features

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    • Power Forward and Reverse:

      One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, maneuverability and transport.

    • LCT engine:

      The 208cc LCT engine is designed to performed in rugged condition.

    • Drag bar:

      Easy-adjust drag bar, for balance in different working conditions.

    • Adjustable tilling width:

      Easy to remove pins to adjust tilling width allows consumer to customize width based on project.

    • 2 year limited warranty:


Husqvarna FT900 Tiller Additional Info (specs)

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    • The weight and size of this tiller makes it extremely easy to handle, maneuver, transport and store. This machine is perfect for homeowners who want to prepare garden patches and flower beds without using a spade. And that's just the beginning, with this tiller you can do so much more. The FT900 is equipped with carrying handles for easy handling before and after use.

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    • Warranty:


      Drive System:

      Max Tilling width:

      Max Tilling depth:


      Tire Size:

      Number of speeds:

    • 2 year limited warranty

      LCT 208cc




      100 lbs


      1 forward & 1 reverse


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