Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. - BOB-CAT® Hyrdo Walk-Behind- revSep2013 Product Demo

BOB-CAT® Hyrdo Walk-Behind- revSep2013 Operator Control Systems

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    • NEW Pistol Grip SoftGrip™ EZ:

      •Enhanced SoftGrip™ EZ fingertip controls require minimal pressure to hold.
      •Longer design and wider paddle provides a more comfortable feel
      •Ergonomic design makes it easy to engage or disengage drive controls with a flick of the thumb



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    • Easy Handling with Z-Control™:
      • Ergonomically designed levers
      • Easy-to-use speed control bar
      • Reverse assist bar

      Zero-turn functionality with Z-Control™ allows for east maneuvering around landscape obstacles!


BOB-CAT® Hyrdo Walk-Behind- revSep2013 Features

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    • EPA-Compliant Fuel System:

      5-gallon tank for fewer refills

    • Extreme Discharge System with DuraDeck™:

      For superior clipping dispersal. Resilient Molded Rubber Chute to resist hard knocks

    • Single-belt routing:

      Longer belt life, lower maintenance costs

    • Heavy duty spindles and wheel bearings:

      Designed for zero maintenance

    • Aluminum Clad Steel Horizontal Muffler:

      Positioned low to avoid shrubs and bushes. 

    • Flat-Free Caster Wheels:

      Maximize uptime

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    • Peace of Mind with Industry Best Warranties:

      2-year limited warranty


BOB-CAT® Hyrdo Walk-Behind- revSep2013 360 / Zoom

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