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Samsung DW80F800UWS Dishwasher Intro

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Samsung DW80F800UWS Dishwasher Features

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    • StormWash™:

      Heavy-duty wash system makes pre-rinsing unnecessary.

    • Performance:

      First-rated 46 dBA makes it among the quietest in its class*. A six-layer door and special insulation system significantly minimizes noise during operation**.

      *Class = MSRP point.
      **Internal testing = 46 dBA to 48 dBA. Normal conversation = approx. 60 dBA


      This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® 2013 Tier 1 compliant so that you can save money on your energy and water bills. Plus, it uses less than 265 kilowatt hours of power per year*.

      *Based on DOE standards.

    • Adjustable Racking System:

      Flexible and easy to use design frees up more space on the top rack for tall and oversized items.

    • Half Load Cycle:

      Wash small loads while maximizing the machine’s effectiveness.

    • Hard Food Dispenser:

      Our advanced system allows for easier disposal of solid food particles with no need to clean a filter.

    • Integrated Design:

      Installs easily, appears customized and seamlessly integrates with cabinetry.

    • Digital Leakage Sensor:

      Can sense a leak of only 1 ½ ounces and shuts itself off before water can escape and cause floor damage.


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