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Boppy® Custom Fit Total Body Pillow Features

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    • Designed with a Physical Therapist:

      For better sleep.

    • Three Separate Pieces:

      Adjustable and customizable to mom’s exact body shape and pregnancy stage so she can use what works best for her.

    • Customize:

      Choose head & neck support, hip/leg/ankle support or belly & back support.

    • Alleviate Strain on Hips:

      Leg cushion supports knees and ankles during sleep.

    • Side Sleeping:

      Cushion for back support to promote expert-recommended side sleeping.

    • Washable:

      Machine washable for easy care.


Boppy® Custom Fit Total Body Pillow What Moms Think

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      “I have been sleeping SO much better than I was previously - SO much more comfortably and soundly. I am 30 weeks pregnant currently, and I suspect that it will continue to help me sleep comfortably as I continue to grow larger :) Highly recommended for all you pregnant ladies who are having trouble sleeping!”


    • Finally, I can sleep comfortably!:

      “This has been a lifesaver especially since I have children who need me to be alert and a husband who needs me to be somewhat pleasant… This pillow would be great for people with other issues that prevent a good night's sleep. I can already tell that I will continue to use this pillow past its intended advertised purpose which makes it a good investment."


    • Must Have:

      “I love this pillow! It honestly has been a savior when comes to sleeping. I love that I have so many options with this body pillow. It separates into three different pieces. It has made sleeping much easier. I will definitely continue to recommend this pillow to all my friends. I just washed it last night and I have to say it washed very well!”

      (First Time Mommy)


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    • I love how customizable this pillow is.:

      “What I like about these pillows is how adjustable they are. The Velcro lets you move things around and figure out the best positioning for each thickness of pillow. You don't need to use all of the pillows included, so it is very customizable when you are having different body issues."


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    • A pregnancy must!:

      “Around 20 weeks I developed the dreaded pregnancy hip pain while sleeping. It's almost unbearable and to the point that I considered sleeping sitting up. Since I've been using this pillow it has gotten much, much better.”



    • Saved Me:

      “I was having horrible hip pain on both sides while sleeping before I bought this pillow. In 2 days with the pillow, my hip pain was gone!! It is so comfortable, and really supports your body.”

      (First Time Mom)


Boppy® Custom Fit Total Body Pillow Prenatal Comfort Collection

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