Techmarq Consultancy - WMF 1000 PRO S Product Demo

WMF 1000 PRO S Intro

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WMF 1000 PRO S Features

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    • WMF All-In-One:

      Just one outlet for coffee- and milk specialities, vertically adjustable.

    • WMF Professional Brewing System:

      With programmable brewing temperature and WMF Pre-Brewing System.

    • WMF Connect & Clean:

      Patented milk system flushing with direct connection to the device and integrated switch-off function.


    • Zero-Energy Function:

      When the WMF 1200 S is switched off, it is “off”. This means it does not consume any more electricity.

    • Jug function:

       For up to 8 cups of freshly brewed café crème.


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