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Samsung Flex Duo™ Oven FE710 Intro

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Samsung Flex Duo™ Oven FE710 Features

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    • Two Ovens in One:

      A unique construction allows you to cook two foods at the same time and at two different temperatures. You can choose to divide the oven into two smaller cavities or fit a large holiday meal with all the trimmings and more into the generous 5.9 cu. ft. capacity. No matter how you choose to configure your oven, your foods will cook evenly thanks to convection cooking.

    • Two Temperature Controls:

      Separate temperature controls enable you to simultaneously cook two dishes with convection cooking available in both chambers – and no transfer of aroma.

    • One Smart Divider:

      Just slide in the Smart Divider to separate the oven into two cavities (2.7 cu. ft. and 3.0 cu. ft.) or choose to enjoy a traditional single cavity range.

    • Warming Drawer:

      The Warming Drawer is perfect for keeping your prepared dishes at the perfect temperature and moisture level while you wait for your guests to arrive. It also includes a hidden storage space for the Smart Divider when not in use.

    • Five Burners:

      Five electric radiant burners prepare that special meal effortlessly and give you the ultimate flexibility. Includes one triple, one dual, two single and one warming burner. A dual fast boil burner provides rapid boiling for foods like pasta and for steeping tea. Plus, the smooth ceramic surface is super easy to clean.

    • Convection Cooking:

      Convection cooking technology results in faster oven heating and more even cooking. The convection system quickly and evenly heats the whole oven no matter how you choose to configure it. In dual mode the top cavity is fan convection, and the bottom cavity is true convection. In single cavity mode, the entire chamber is true convection. Convection cooking also uses less energy when cooking smaller dishes because only a small part of the oven is heated.

    • Steam Clean:

      Spend less time cleaning inside the oven with Steam Clean. After a spill or splatter, pour a cup of water inside, close the door, press Steam Clean and wipe. The oven is clean about 20 minutes later.


Samsung Flex Duo™ Oven FE710 Specs

  • Specification 1

    • Flex Duo™ Oven FE710
      Freestanding Electronic Range


  • Specification 2

    • Features

    • ∙ Five Radiant Electric Cooktop Elements
      - One Triple Burner
      - One Dual Burner
      - Two Single Burners
      - Warming Center
      ∙ Dual Convection Oven Cook
      ∙ Convection Bake
      ∙ Convection Roast
      ∙ Large Oven Capacity – 5.9 cu. ft.
      ∙ SteamQuick™ – 20 min. Oven
      ∙ Warming Drawer: High, Medium, Low
      ∙ Four Preset Menu Cook Options

      ∙ Hot Surface Indicator Light
      ∙ Auto Oven Light
      ∙ Proofing
      ∙ Sabbath Mode
      ∙ Kitchen Timer
      ∙ Delay Start
      ∙ Child Safety Lock
      ∙ Self-Clean (2 / 3 / 4 hrs.)
      ∙ 4 Easy Cook Pre-Sets
      ∙ Custom Cook
      ∙ Warm
      ∙ Defrost
      ∙ 3 Chrome Oven Racks

      Power Consumption
      12,000 W / 40 Amperes

      Power Source
      240 V / 60 Hz

      Induction/Radiant Ceramic Cooktop
      • Right Front: Radiant 6 / 9 / 12", 3.0 KW
      • Left Front: Radiant 6 / 9", 3.0 KW – Fast Boil
      • Right Rear: Radiant 6", 1.2 KW
      • Left Rear: Radiant 6", 1.2 KW
      • Center Rear: Warming Center, 100 W

      • Hidden Bake Element: 3000 W (8 pass)
      • Bake: 150°F - 550°F
      • Convection Bake: 175°F - 550°F
      • Broil Element: 3800 W (6 Pass)
      • Convection Element/Heater: 1300 W
      • Variable Broil: 375°F - 480°F
      • Convection Roast: 175°F - 550°F
      • Proofing
      • Sabbath Mode

      Warming Drawer
      • Capacity – 1.4 cu. ft.
      • Heating Performance: 600 W (4 pass)
      • Temperature Settings: High, Medium, Low

  • Specification 3

    • Dimensions and Weight

    • Actual Oven Dimensions:
      (WxHxD) 25” x 21 3/32” x 19 7/32”
      Upper Cavity:
      (WxHxD) 25” x 9 9/32” x 19 7/32”
      Lower Cavity:
      (WxHxD) 25” x 10 3/4” x 19 7/32”

      Outside Net Dimensions:
      (WxHxD) 29 29/32” x 47 1/16” x 25 31/32”
      Weight: 194 lbs / 88 k

      Shipping Dimensions + Weight
      Dimensions: (WxHxD) 32 7/8" x 50 13/32" x 30 1/8"
      Weight: 220 lbs / 100 kg

      Stainless Steel

  • Specification 4

    • Limited Warranty

    • One (1) Year All Parts and Labor
      Five (5) Years Electric Cooktop


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