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Keurig® Elite Brewing System Intro

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Keurig® Elite Brewing System Features

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    • Ease of Use:

      The Keurig® Elite Brewing System, makes a cup of gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under 1 minute. Simply choose your favorite K-Cup® Pack, lift up the handle and insert your K-Cup® Pack, close the lid and press the brew button.

    • Automatic Settings:

      Auto off feature.

    • Capacity:

      Makes up to 6 cups before refilling 48 oz. water reservoir.

    • Cup Size:

      Choice of 3 cup sizes.

    • Removable Drip Tray:
      • Allows for larger cups and travel mugs
    • Bonus:

      • Includes a variety box of K-Cup Packs®


Keurig® Elite Brewing System Gallery

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Keurig® Elite Brewing System Specs

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      Unit Weight:





       Elite Brewing System


      12 lbs empty

      13.0"H x 9.8"W x 13.3"D





Keurig® Elite Brewing System 360 Rotation

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Keurig® Elite Brewing System How The K-Cup Works

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    • The Perfect Cup Every Time:

      Keurig Brewers work together with our patented K-Cup portion packs to deliver the perfect cup every time.  From maintaining precise water temperature, to distributing a perfect flow of water over the grounds, we've covered every detail to give you the richest, most flavorful brew.

    • Air-Tight Lid:

      An air-tight lid and cup lock out oxygen, light and humidity. And lock in freshness and flavor.

    • Pressurized Water Flow:

      Enhanced delivery system more evenly distributes pressurized hot water at the ideal temperature.

    • Fresh Gound Coffee or Tea:

      The ideal grind and measure of freshly ground coffee or tea in over 200 varieties from fifteen gourmet brands.

    • Sophisticated Filter:

      An internal filter assures superior brewing results.

    • Brewed Inside the K-Cup® Pack:

      Freshly brewed inside the K-Cup® Pack means no taste left behind in the Brewer to taint your next brew.


Keurig® Elite Brewing System Maintenance

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    •  Keurig® brewer performance matters.

      Descaling (every 3-6 months) is an important process that removes calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a brewer over time. Calcium and scale is non-toxic but left unattended, it can hinder your brewer’s performance over time.


      How To Clean or Descale Your Keurig® Brewer:

      How To Descale Video

      Other Maintenance Guides:

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