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Centurion Series 8 kW Generator Intro

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Centurion Series 8 kW Generator Features

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    • Generac's OHVI® Engine:

      Generac's OHVI engine is purpose-built to run dependably for extended periods, delivering power when you need it most.

    • True Power Technology:


      True Power Technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.


    • All-weather Steel Enclosure:

      Sturdy, all-weather steel enclosure with RhinoCoat finish prolongs the life of your generator with corrosion-resistant protection from the elements, making it ideal for coastal , salt-air climates.


    • Built to withstand wind and fire:

      Modeled to withstand 150 mph winds and with a fire rating, 3rd-party-certified to NFPA standards, that allows for installations as close as 18" to the home.

    • Certified for municipalities with low gas pressure:

      Certified for natural gas operation at 3.5" of water column to accommodate low-pressure areas. 

    • Mobile Link™ compatible:

      Mobile Link compatible, for wireless remote monitoring of your generator via your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

    • Evolution™ Controller:


      Generac's Evolution Controller features a dual-line, multilingual LCD display in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese for easy monitoring of history and maintenance logs, as well as management of generator functions. Also features a built-in hour meter to monitor run times, provide information to determine maintenance intervals, and trigger reminders. 


    • External "At-a-glance" Indicator Lights:

      External "at-a-glance" indicator lights offer an easy way to see generator status without opening the generator enclosure.

    • Tool-Less Fuel Conversion:

      Tool-Less Fuel Conversion allows for easy switching between natural gas and LP fuels in the field without the need for tools.

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    • The Generac Promise:

      We'll back you up. We're standing by. Count on it.

      The Generac Promise means that we guarantee that our home standby generators will give you peace of mind and the power to live. It means that we engineer and build them here in America. It means we stand behind them with a 5-year extended warranty - the best in the business. We promise to continue to innovate, like with our new Mobile Link cellular monitoring system, so you'll always know the status of your generator, no matter where you are. And if you ever need to call, we're standing by 24/7, every minute of every day, ready to pick up the phone right here in Wisconsin.

      We promise.


Centurion Series 8 kW Generator How It Works

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Centurion Series 8 kW Generator Gallery

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