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Armstrong Easy Up Intro

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Armstrong Easy Up Features

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    • Track and Clip System:

      The simple track and clip system provides greater dimensional stability and strength versus wood furring.

    • Easy to Install:

      Installing the Easy Up track and clip system is a simple, do-it-yourself project.

    • Installs Directly Over Existing Ceilings:

      Easy Up can be installed directly over your existing ceiling to cover damaged drywall and plaster, or popcorn ceiling.


    • Levels Ceiling:

      You can shim Easy Up tracks to help level an uneven ceiling.


    • Appropriate for Tile or Plank Installation:

      Use Easy Up to install any Armstrong direct-apply tiles and planks. Easy Up clips can also be used on an existing 15/16” grid ceiling to install WoodHaven™ ceiling planks.


    • Provides Easy Access:

      Provides easy access to the area above the ceiling.

    • Eliminates Tile Lipping:

      Eliminates tile lipping caused by warping wood furring.


    • Superior Hold:

      Easy Up clips provide superior holding versus traditional staples.


    • 30-Year Warranty:

      Installing Armstrong direct apply products with Easy up provides a 30-year limited warranty system.



Armstrong Easy Up Instructions

  • Attach Easy Up Tracks

    Transform your ceiling in 3 easy steps!

    •  Determine how much material you will need, and make your purchase at your nearest Lowe’s.


  • Snap on Easy Up Clips

    Transform your ceiling in 3 easy steps!


    1. Attach Easy Up Tracks

    2. Snap on Easy Up Clips

    3. Position Tiles or Planks; Slide and Secure Clip



Armstrong Easy Up Important Safety

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    •                                          IMPORTANT SAFETY

      • Caution: The edges of the Easy Up tracks are very sharp. Wear heavy protective gloves when handling tracks.
      • Establish and maintain adequate ventilation in the work area. If high dust levels are anticipated during installation, such as with the use of power tools, use an appropriate NIOSH-designated dust respirator. All power cutting tools must be equipped with dust collectors.
      • Wear long-sleeve, loose fitting clothing and gloves.
      • Persons who are sensitive to odor and/or chemicals should avoid the work area during this process.
      • Wear safety glasses to minimize the risk of eye injury.
      • Use a sharp utility knife to ensure clean cuts. When not in use, store properly.



Armstrong Easy Up FAQ's

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    • FAQ's

      How are Easy Up tracks and clips packaged?
      Easy Up Tracks (Item #1190) – Twenty 8’ tracks per carton
      Easy Up Clips (Item #1191) – 360 clips per carton or Easy Up Clips (Item #1191SC) – 135 clips per carton

      Can I mount Easy Up directly to my ceiling?
      Yes, Easy Up can be mounted directly to joists, plaster or drywall.

      What types of products am I able to install using Easy Up?
      Any Armstrong direct apply tiles or planks can be installed using Easy Up.

      How do I cut the Easy Up tracks?
      The tracks can be cut using a hacksaw.

      How much ceiling height will I lose by installing my ceiling using Easy Up?
      Almost none. Easy Up is mounted directly to joists, plaster or drywall.

      What if my existing ceiling is not level?
      You can shim Easy Up tracks to improve the flatness of your existing ceiling.

      Can I use insulation with Easy Up?
      Yes, as long as it doesn’t rest directly on the ceiling tiles or planks.

      Where can I buy Easy Up?
      Visit your local Lowe's store.


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