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Samsung WA/DV484 Washer Intro

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Samsung WA/DV484 Washer Features

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    • King-size Capacity:

      Our 4.8 cu. ft. capacity front-load washer easily handles 2.5 laundry baskets full of clothes (or 34 bath towels) in one load.

    • VRT Plus™ Technology:

      VRT Plus™ Technology reduces noise and vibration even at high spin speeds, making the washer quiet enough to place near bedrooms or even on the second floor of your home.

    • PureCycle™:

      PureCycle™ uses hot water to remove dirt and detergent residue from the washer drum without the use of harsh chemicals. Your drum stays fresh and clean.

    • Diamond Drum:

      With Diamond Drum, you enjoy automatic fabric protection. Smaller holes in the drum prevent fabric damage. This technology keeps fabric safe from snags and abrasion – for gentle, yet effective washing.

    • 13 Washing Cycles:

      Thirteen washing cycles provide a specific clean for each need and every member of the family. Cycles include:

      •Eco Wash
      •Heavy Duty
      •Permanent Press
      •Deep Clean
      •Stain Away
      •Active Wear
      •Delicates/Hand Wash
      •Quick Wash
      •Rinse Spin

    • Eco Wash:

      Our Eco Wash cycle uses an optimal cold water wash that gets clothes effectively clean and helps save on energy usage as compared to traditional cycles.

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    • Steam Dry:

      Our Steam Refresh helps remove odors and freshen clothes. Our Steam Wrinkle Away relaxes wrinkles to reduce ironing.

    • Sensor Dry:

      Take the guesswork out of drying times and enjoy extra energy savings. Sensor Dry automatically adjusts drying time by sensing moisture so your clothes don’t over or under dry.

      NOTE: Please refer to the energy savings calculator on www.energystar.gov (March 2012).

    • 13 Drying Cycles:

      Thirteen drying cycles provide a specific dry for each need and every member of the family. Cycles include:

      •Heavy Duty
      •Permanent Press
      •Time Dry
      •Quick Dry
      •Air Fluff
      •Wrinkle Away


    • Dryer Rack:

      The Dryer Rack helps minimize noise and protects special care items like sneakers, sweaters and stuffed animals.

    • NSF-Sanitize:

      Baby clothes and bedding are now 99.9 percent bacteria free with this certified sanitization dryer cycle*.

      *Based on NSF Protocol P172 certification. See NSF.org for more information.


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