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Samsung NE597/595N0PB Ranges Intro

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Samsung NE597/595N0PB Ranges Features

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    • Induction Technology:

      Induction cooking uses heat most efficiently as compared to electric (20% less efficient) and gas (70% less efficient)*.

      *Comparison based on Induction technology delivering up to 90% of transferrable heat utilized in cooking; actual results may vary.

    • FlexCook™ Zone:

      Use as much space as you need on this large 10” x 17” area. The minimum pan size requirement is approximately 60% of the available cooking zone.

      NOTE: FlexCook Zone™ available on NE597N0PB only.

    • Boil Alert:

      The Boil Alert detects boiling points of liquids beyond water (soups, oils, milk) and notifies you with a “beep” when full boil has been reached. You can also set it to automatically reduce heat to avoid boil overs.

    • 5.9 cu. ft. Large Capacity:

      This extra-spacious 5.9 cu. ft. oven easily accommodates a big roast, multiple casserole dishes or several racks of cookies. With three oven racks, you’ll have enough room to prepare for many hungry guests. The removable half-rack designed Split Rack adjusts to cook your whole meal at once, which is great for oversized cookware*.

      *Split Rack available on NE597N0PB only.

    • 3-Fan True Convection:

      This fan system is great for baking and broiling because heat is distributed thoroughly, and food cooks evenly*. Enjoy tastier results each time.

      *NE597N0PB features 3-Fan True Convection; NE595N0PB features fan-integrated heating element.

    • Warming Drawer:

      The Warming Drawer keeps food at an optimal temperature until dinner is ready. Simply store just-cooked meals until you’re ready to serve your guests.

      NOTE: Warming Drawer available on NE597N0PB only.

    • Steam Clean:

      Steam cleans the oven in 20 minutes and is virtually odorless. Self Clean provides a deeper clean.


Samsung NE597/595N0PB Ranges NE597N0PB Gallery

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Samsung NE597/595N0PB Ranges NE595N0PB Gallery

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