First Alert - SmartBridge™ Remote Access Security System Product Demo

SmartBridge™ Remote Access Security System Features

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    • Welcome to SmartBridge™ technology:

      We at First Alert were frustrated with how complex other security systems were to use for the average person. If you spend this much money on a security system, shouldn't it basically set itself up? We think so. That is why we created SmartBridge™, the system that helps you connect remotely in 5 minutes.

      Let us guide you across some of the great product features of our SmartBridge™ devices.


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    • Rapid PC Setup:

      PC Setup is fast & easy with a simple step by step process. These steps include:

      • Plug in your DVR system
      • Log in with the manufacturers standard passcode (1-2-3)
      • Right click & write down the identification number of your system shown in yellow on the menu
      • Place the CD in your computer & download the software
      • Type in your identification number & manufacturer passcode
      • View & edit your system now from your computer
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    • Stress Free Remote Access:

      The quickest remote access available on the market. In about 5 minutes, view your system(s) via tablet, phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on vacation, traveling for work, or just out running errands, you will have instant live-stream viewing through our easy-to-use mobile app.

      Our remote access setup takes less than 5 minutes in comparison to competition that typically takes hours. The complexity of remote setup on other devices will leave you wasting hours on the phone with their customer service department. With SmartBridge, we've eliminated the complexity and saved you an afternoon. You're welcome!

      Note: Multiple users may view the live-stream feeds at the same time and we support iOS, OSX, Windows & Android.



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    • Mult-Tasking View:

      Our software allows you to multi-task on your computer & maintain surveillance through our adjustable pop up windows.

      Now you can complete your work while still staying connected to your system. If you do have to leave, you can set your system to record when motion is detected, when an alarm is triggered or just a continuous record.



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    • Multiple Camera Mount Options:

      Our cameras are adaptable to your needs. Whether you need them to be mounted or free standing, our flexible camera mounts & hardware do just that.


    • Tamper Resistant Wiring:

      Our camera wires run through the camera mount so that they are not exposed. This limits tampering with the cameras power source and provides you a better safety feature.


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