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Bento Storage Boxes Features

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    • Flex Dividers:

      Bento™ Flex Dividers easily pop open and closed enabling you to organize items while you store them in a customized space.

    • Stackable:

      Bento™ Boxes stack together to make the most of your vertical space.

    • Toppers:

      Bento™ Toppers can work on their own, as a tray for the box, or when flipped act as a lid to cover what’s beneath.

    • Durable & Sturdy:

      Bento™ Containers are durable and sturdy, made from CARB-certified MDF board and covered in polyester fabric.

    • Various Sizes:

      Bento™ Containers come in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large) to fit your commonly used items like file folders (L, XL), craft items, DVD’s/CD’s (M), and pens & keys/cell phone (S). Corresponding Toppers fit the Medium, Large and Extra-Large boxes.

    • Variety of Colors - Chadwick:

      The soft browns and khakis of Chadwick blend well with most interior spaces. The versatile circle pattern can be conservative or playful depending on where you place it in your home.atterns to complement your home’s décor.

    • Variety of Colors - Loose Linen:

      The neutral color of Loose Linen blends well in any space, while the linen texture provides visual interest with its added dimension.

    • Variety of Colors - Paprika:

      The deep red tones of Paprika can add a little pop of classic color to your décor.

    • Variety of Colors - Lombard:

      The layered tweed pattern in shades of gray provides an incoming décor trend color blended with visual texture. As a gender neutral option, it can work in a variety of spaces – both masculine and feminine.


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