De'Longhi - De'Longhi ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator Product Demo

De'Longhi ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator Intro

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De'Longhi ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator Features

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    • ComforTemp Button:

      Save energy and money by automatically maintaining the optimal temperature in the room – at the touch of a button!

    • Patented Smart-Snap Wheels:

      Convenient pre-mounted wheels ensure safety and stability.  With their patented design, they snap into place perfectly – no assembly required.  

    • Patented Thermal Slots:

      Specially engineered thermal slots maximize heat flow yet maintain a low surface temperature.

    • Three Heat Settings:

      Let you adjust output levels, optimizing energy-efficient operation.

    • Adjustable Thermostat:

      Allows you to adjust the temperature to your desired comfort level. 

    • Permanently Sealed:

      Never needs refilling! Unit is permanently sealed with pure diathermic oil for stable and efficient heating.

    • 7 Oil-Filled Heating Elements:

      Seven heating elements offer a larger heating capacity.

    • Safety Features:

      Thermal cut-off, rust-resistant durable metal construction, fully enclosed heating elements and gently rounded design.


De'Longhi ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator Instructions

  • Roll the unit to any room.

    Simply roll the heater into any room...wherever warm comfort is needed.

  • Plug unit in.

    Place the heater near an outlet and plug it in.

  • OPTIONAL: Select the ComforTemp function.

    Press down the two heat setting switches and the ComforTemp button, and the heater is now automatically set to reach and keep the suggested ideal temperature.  When ComforTemp is on, the green indicator light is illuminated.

  • OPTIONAL: Deselect ComforTemp function.

    To deselect the ComforTemp function and return to manual functioning, press the ComforTemp button again.  You may now manually set the adjustable thermostat and heat settings.


De'Longhi ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator Specs

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    • Unit Size: 13.78” W x 9.06” D x 25.2” H

      Unit Weight: 23.15 lbs

      Wattage: 1500


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