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De'Longhi Gran Dama Avant Super Automatic Espresso Machine Features

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    • Digital Touch Screen Control Panel:

      It allows you to adjust start time, auto shut-off, the clock, coffee and water temperature, as well as water hardness.  Plus, there are five settings for coffee strength: extra-mild, mild, regular, strong and extra-strong.  Four buttons allow you to easily choose cup size: one or two short coffees or one or two long coffees.

    • Patented Single Touch Cappuccino, Latte and Macchiato:

      The system includes a 27 oz. milk container, detachable lid for frothed milk for cappuccino or Italian macchiato or steamed milk for latte.  It will also produce hot milk without coffee.  The container features a unique automatic cleaning function with the easy push of a button. Plus, the entire container is detachable, so it can easily be placed in the refrigerator. All parts are dishwasher-safe. Place the cup under the nozzle and press the button. You’ll get a perfect results every time!  Amounts of frothed / steamed milk and coffee are adjustable.

    • Long Coffee Function:

      Completely unique to De'Longhi, the long coffee function elongates the brewing process to replicate the taste of traditional drip coffee.   

    • Patented Direct-to-Brew System:

      The compact and patented Direct-to-Brew System with Thermoblock technology provides excellent heat distribution and it’s removable for easy cleaning. The beans are ground instantly to ensure the freshest espresso or coffee. 15 BARS of pressure.

    • Accommodates Latte Cups:

      Unique newly designed drip tray adjusts for the use of large latte cups.

    • Professional-Quality Conical Burr Grinder:

      Integrated burr grinder produces consistent, fresh and aromatic espresso or coffee.  Grind settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all types of beans.

    • Two "My Coffee" Selections:

      You no longer have to fumble around in the morning for your favorite cup quantity and coffee strength.  The Gran Dama Avant  allows you to program two specific "My Coffee" selections into the machine's memory for quick and easy use.

    • Double Boiler with New Espresso Boiler:

      No longer wait between espresso and steam.  The improved stainless steel piped aluminum boiler heats water faster and is more durable.

    • Cup Warmer:

      Warming plate on top of the machine preheats your cups for the best results.


De'Longhi Gran Dama Avant Super Automatic Espresso Machine Instructions

  • Fill bean container.

    Open top of unit and fill coffee bean container with whole beans.  You can also bypass the bean container and use ground coffee.

  • Fill water tank.

    Slide water tank out to remove.  Fill tank with water and replace inside machine.  Never exceed the MAX line.

  • Turn machine on.

    Simply push the on/off button to start the machine.  The machine automatically pre-heats and performs an automatic rinse cycle.  Hot water dispenses from the spouts and collects in the drip tray.

  • Choose coffee strength and quantity.

    Choose coffee strength by touching the coffee bean icon until the desired strength is reached.  Choose coffee quantity by touching the coffee cup icon until desired quantity is reached.  Both icons are located on the left-hand side of the control panel.

  • Select the 1 or 2 cup button.

    If you are making 1 espresso place 1 cup under the spout and touch the 1 cup icon.  If you are making two espressos place 2 cups under the spout and touch the 2 cup icon.  Once the coffee cup icon is touched, the machine will grind the beans, tamp the coffee and deliver the espresso.

  • To make a cappuccino, Italian macchiato or latte

    Follow steps 1-5 and proceed as follows: Fill the milk container (provided) with skim milk.  Slide off water spout from front of unit.  Select cappuccino/macchiato or latte position on milk container lid.  Slide milk container onto front of unit.  Place large cup under spouts.  Push milk container nozzle out so it is directly over the cup.  Touch cappuccino, latte or macchiato on control panel and it will automatically froth milk directly into cup and deliver the espresso.

  • To make a long coffee

    Follow steps 1-5 and proceed as follows:  Place a cup under the coffee spouts.  Touch the long coffee symbol on the control panel to easily replicate the taste of drip coffee.  The machine will then automatically deliver the coffee.

  • To clean the milk container

    While machine is still on and container is attached, press the "clean" button on the container and hot steam will run through to clean internal components. You can also remove the entire milk container to wash more thoroughly.

  • To clean the machine

    Once the machine is powered off, open the door on the front of the unit and remove the brew group.  You can rinse this under running water and replace.  Remove the coffee grounds container and empty it. 


De'Longhi Gran Dama Avant Super Automatic Espresso Machine Specs

  • Specification 1

    • De'Longhi                                                                                       Gran Dama Avant

    • Model ESAM6700


  • Specification 2

    • Unit Weight:

    • 29.76 lbs.



  • Specification 3

    • Unit Size:

    • 16.5"x 11.0" x18.24"



  • Specification 4

    • Pressure:

    • 15 Bars

  • Specification 5

    • Wattage:

    • 1350

  • Specification 6

    • Water Tank Capacity:

    • 1.8-liter (60-ounce)


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