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De'Longhi Indoor Grill and Smokeless Broiler Features

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    • Sear and Broil Process:

      The professional broiler drawer provides restaurant quality results by allowing you to first sear food on the grill plate and then complete the cooking process in the broiler. Tasty results that will have you cooking like a professional chef! 

    • Non-Stick Die-Cast Grill Plate:

      Die-cast grill plate with semi-embedded heating element distributes heat more evenly for the most consistent grilling results.

    • Adjustable Thermostat:

      With the adjustable thermostat you can have perfectly grilled food every time. Choose from HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW settings.

    • Two-Tier Cooking Capability:

      Two-tier cooking allows you to cook twice as much food on one grill when using the Grill Top and Broiler Draw at the same time. 

    • Oil and Grease Drain Cup:

      Channel away grease and oil into a drain cup, for healthier and better-tasting food.

    • Micro Safety Switch:

      Safety switch automatically shuts the unit off when the broil tray is not in place 

    • Removable Broiler Drip Tray:

      Easily removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze.

    • Meat Thermometer:

      The grill also includes a handy meat thermometer, to make sure your food is at an ideal and safe temperature.

    • Optional Griddle Plate:

      Griddle plate (sold separately) is great for pancakes, eggs, bacon and more.


De'Longhi Indoor Grill and Smokeless Broiler Instructions

  • Place grill on level surface.

    Place the grill on a flat, level surface before you begin cooking.  Then plug unit into a nearby outlet.

  • Set adjustable thermostat.

    Set the adjustable thermostat to the level you desire or according to your recipe.

  • To sear, place food on grill top.

    To begin the searing process, first place the food on top of the grill plate and cook until partially done. 

  • To broil, put food in bottom drawer.

    To finish the cooking process, place the food in the bottom broil drawer and cook until done.


  • To use two tier cooking, place food on top and bottom.

    Place your main meal on the grill top and an appetizer in the broiler drawer, or make two meals at once. 

  • To use the optional griddle plate, remove the grill plate.

    Remove the griddle plate and replace it with the optional griddle plate.  It's great for pancakes, sausage, eggs and more.  Griddle plate sold separately.

  • To clean, allow to cool and then wipe with damp sponge.

    Allow unit to cool, and wipe grill plate with damp sponge.  Remove and empty drip tray and grease cup.


De'Longhi Indoor Grill and Smokeless Broiler Specs

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    • Unit Size: 20.47"W x 15.55"D x 7.09"H

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    • Unit Weight: 10.96 lbs.

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    • Grill Surface: 12.5" x 9"

  • Specification 5

    • Wattage:  1650


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