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Samsung WF/DV395/393 Washer Intro

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Samsung WF/DV395/393 Washer Features

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    • Large Capacity:

      Super 3.9 cu. ft. means you can wash 2 laundry baskets full of clothes (or 27 bath towels) in a single load.

    • Steam Wash:

      Steam Wash eliminates stains without pre-treatment, saving you precious time. Steam Wash powers out stubborn stains, such as grape juice and grease and helps clothes last longer.

    • VRT™ Technology:

      Vibration Reduction Technology makes the washer so quiet, you’ll hardly know it’s on.

    • PureCycle™:

      PureCycle™ uses hot water to remove dirt and detergent residue from the washer drum without the use of harsh chemicals. Your drum stays fresh and clean.

    • Diamond Drum:

      With Diamond Drum, you'll enjoy automatic fabric protection. Smaller holes in the drum prevent fabric damage. This technology keeps fabric safe from snags and abrasion – for gentle, yet effective washing.

    • 13 Washing Cycles:

       Thirteen washing cycles on the WF395 and eleven washing cycles on the WF393 provide a specific clean for each need and every member of the family. Cycles include:

      •eco Wash
      •Heavy Duty
      •Stain Away*
      •Deep Steam
      •Permanent Press
      •Active Wear*
      •Delicates/Hand Wash
      •Quick Wash
      •Rinse + Spin

      *Signifies features available on WF395 only.

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    • Steam Dry:

      Our Steam Refresh helps remove odors and freshen clothes. Our Steam Wrinkle Away relaxes wrinkles to reduce ironing.

    • Stainless Steel Drum:

      Our long-lasting stainless steel drum won’t chip, rust or discolor over time. It reduces wear and tear on your favorite delicate fabrics so your clothes and dryer last longer.

      NOTE: Stainless Steel available on DV395 only.

    • King-size Capacity:

      Our 7.4 cu. ft. capacity dryer is big enough to handle a king-size comforter.

    • Dryer Rack:

      The Dryer Rack helps minimize noise and protects special care items like sneakers, sweaters and stuffed animals.

      NOTE: Dryer Rack available on DV395 only.

    • Delay Start:

      With Delay Start, you can set the dryer to start at your convenience like when you’re ready to fold (to avoid wrinkling). You can also set Delay Start to start the dryer during off-peak hours so that you can save on energy usage. Delay Start can delay dry time by up to 24 hours and can be set in one-hour increments.

    • Sensor Dry:

      Take the guesswork out of drying times and enjoy extra energy savings. Sensor Dry automatically adjusts drying time by sensing moisture so your clothes don’t over or under dry.

      NOTE: Please refer to the energy savings calculator on www.energystar.gov (March 2012).


Samsung WF/DV395/393 Washer WF/DV395 Gallery

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Samsung WF/DV395/393 Washer WF/DV393 Gallery

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