Honeywell Consumer - RTH6580WF Product Demo

RTH6580WF Intro

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RTH6580WF Features

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    • Control from anywhere:

      Control your thermostat from across the room or around the world, from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    • Free Total Connect Comfort Services mobile app:

      You can download Honeywell's free Total Connect Comfort Services app for Apple or Android devices. The app is free and there are no monthly service fees.

    • Smart Response technology:

      This thermostat continually learns when to pre-heat/cool your home so you are comfortable at your programmed times.

    • Precise temperature control:

      Honeywell thermostats are the #1 name in home comfort control and hold accuracy of +/- 1°F, keeping your home comfortable at all times.

    • Universal compatibility:

      The Wi-Fi thermostat works with virtually any system type.

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    • Control from anywhere:

      Adjust the temperature in your home from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    • Intelligent alerts:

      Custom intelligent alerts allow multiple users to be notified of high or low temperature swings and Wi-Fi connection issues.

    • Local weather forecast:

      View the current local temperature and your 5-day forecast right on the app. No need to manage multiple apps for indoor and outdoor temperature information.

    • Remote scheduling:

      Schedule your thermostat remotely through the online web portal.

    • Manage multiple locations:

      Do you have multiple thermostats in your home, or own a rental or vaction property? Manage multiple Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats in various locations all from the same app.

    • Automatic software updates:

      Updates to the Total Connect Comfort Services app are automatically sent to your mobile device.

    • Secure Network:

      Total Connect Comfort is hosted through a reliable, proven and secure network.


RTH6580WF Gallery

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RTH6580WF Instructions

  • Install

    First, remove your old thermostat and replace it with your new one.

  • Connect

    Connect your thermostat to your home's Wi-Fi network to enable for remote access.

  • Register

    Finally, register your thermostat with Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Services. Download the free app for your Apple or Android device and be on your way to controlling your thermostat from anywhere!


RTH6580WF Check Compatibility

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    • No

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  • Specification 2

    • Do you have thick wires that are connected using wire nuts?

    • Not Compatible

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  • Specification 3

    • Does your current thermostat have 110V or higher written on it?

    • Not Compatible

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  • Specification 4

    • Remove the cover of your thermostat and check the wires on the wall plate.




  • Specification 5

    • Do you have a wire connected to terminal labeled "C"?

    • Congratulations, this thermostat will work with your system.

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  • Specification 6

    • Do you have an extra wire that is not connected to any terminal on the thermostat wall plate?

    • Substitue extra wire for C-wire.

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  • Specification 7

    • Do you have a wire connected to terminal labeled "G"?

    • Substitute G-wire for C-wire.

    • Sorry, this Wi-Fi thermostat won't work with your system.


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