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Magellan eXplorist 110 Features

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    • Core Outdoor Navigation:

      Rugged and waterproof, the eXplorist 110 combines high sensitivity GPS,aesthetic mapping and accurate navigation. Find your way using more than 30 navigational data fields.

    • 2.2" Color QVGA Display Screen:

      A vibrant, transflective color screen allows for the best readability in direct sunlight.

    • High Sensitivity GPS:

      The Magellan 110 utilizes SiRFstariii technology and lets you be accurate within 3-5 meters. Let’s you hoe in on your favorite fishing hole or if you are geocaching.

    • Premium Pre-loaded Maps:

      The eXplorist 110 packs some of the most accurate maps into the palm of your hand. The World Edition map allows for 2D or 3D viewing angles and covers the globe with details roads and land use areas.

    • Paperless Geocaching:

      Download and view more than 20 unique characteristics of each cache and view, search, filter on the device. Details include name, location, description, hider, size, difficulty, terrain, hint, and recent logs created by other geocachers.

    • 18 Hours of Battery Life:

      Powered by two AA batteries, the eXplorist will last up to 18 hours under normal conditions. To help conserve power, use the suspend mode to turn off the device but maintain GPS tracking. Adjustable power management settings help.

    • VantagePoint:

      Magellan’s free VantagePoint PC application allows you to view all your maps, waypoints, geocaches, trails and routes in one, easy-to-use application. Analyze your maps in 3D - turn, tilt, and "fly through" the terrain with just a click.


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