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Whirlpool Whole House Filtration System Product Overview

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       Whole Home Water Filtration

      Whirlpool® whole home water filtration systems provide the same water you have come to expect from kitchen filtration systems throughout the entire house. By filtering water at the source, whole home filtration systems not only help protect plumbing, but also help to ensure that appliances keep functioning at peak performance.


Whirlpool Whole House Filtration System Benefits

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Whirlpool Whole House Filtration System Installation Instructions

  • Installation Requirements:

    Properly tighten all fittings to ensure a leak-free assembly.

    Take care to sweat any fittings away from filter housing.Damage may result from excessive heat and void warranty.

    Filter housing is intended for use on cold water line.

    Install in a location that is not susceptible to freezing temperatures as damage to the housing could occur.

    Install away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure to light can weaken plastic components.

    Allow a minimum of 2”clear space below unit to facilitate filter change.

    Some local codes may require the use of a licensed plumber or certified installer when disrupting a potable water line. Determine and follow any and all local codes and requirements.

    Pipe and filter need to be properly supported with either pipe hangers or optional Whirlpool bracket (WHKF-B7).

    For metal water piping systems a grounding connection is required
    (Whirlpool Grounding Kit WHKF-GRND).

  • Parts and Materials

    1. Filter Head
    2. Clear Housing
    3. Housing Wrench

    Gather these required tools before starting installation. Read and follow the instructions provided with any tools listed here.

    • Pipe Cutter
    • Two 1”male adapters
    • Two 1”gate valve (compression type)
    • Teflon® Tape
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Filter
  • Initial Steps

    1. Shut off main water supply. Drain water from water lines.

    2. Remove housing from filter head and set aside.

    3. Wrap Teflon® tape (2 1/2 wraps) around the 1” male x 1” adapter in a clockwise direction (see Figure 1) and screw firmly to filter head. Do not use pipe solvent (dope), as solvents in some types of pipe dope may cause damage to plastic fittings. Do not overtighten as this may cause damage to the filter head.

  • Loosely Install Valve

    4. Loosely fit shutoff valves on both sides to calculate proper spacing of components. Measure distance and mark pipe accordingly.

  • Install Grounding Kit

    5. Install Whirlpool Grounding Kit WHCF-GRND in copper water piping systems.

    IMPORTANT: Copper water piping systems are required to be connected to the electrical ground. To maintain the ground connection, obtain kit WHCF-GRND by contacting location where filter head was purchased.

    Ground Kit Installation:
    a. Install one ground clamp on the incoming copper water pipe section and one on the outgoing copper water pipe section. Be sure that the filter head, fittings and valves are between the two ground clamps.
    b. Connect the ground wire to the two ground clamps, using the wire screw terminal on each grounding clamp. Tighten securely.

    6. Cut pipe to length with pipe cutter.

  • Fit Filter Head onto Pipe

    7. Fit filter head and gate shut-off valves onto pipe. Make sure the “IN” port with the red air release button is connected to the incoming water supply line. Tighten compression nuts on both sides of valves (Four locations).

    8. Lubricate housing o-ring with water or a silicone-based lubricant, if available

    9. Place filter (purchased separately) into housing. Screw housing with filter onto head. Tighten with hand to seal properly.

    10. Slowly turn main water supply on while depressing red air release button (on filter head) and check for leaks. Run water with an open faucet for 5 minutes to flush out air.


Whirlpool Whole House Filtration System Filter Replacement

  • For Optimal Performance

    For optimal performance, change your filter at the recommended time - every 3 to 6 months, depending on filter.*

    *Filter life varies depending on local water conditions and the volume of water used.

  • Shut Off Water

    Shut off main water valve, if available.

    Note: For filter housings with built-in valve in head, turn valve on filter head to the “OFF” position. At this position, the water will be shut off.

  • Relieve Pressure in Filter Housing

    Push red vent button (if present).

  • Unscrew Housing and Remove Old Cartridge

    Use Supplied wrench to loosen and removing housing.

    The housing should be rinsed and sanitized by filling housing with water and adding a tablespoon of bleach. Let soak for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse again thoroughly with clean water.

  • Insert New Cartridge and Reinstall Housing

    Be sure cartridge is seated in the housing before hand-tightening onto head.

    If needed, the housing can be tightened with the supplied circle wrench, but caution should be used if tightening with this wrench. Over-tightening could lead to difficulty removing the housing during subsequent filter replacements, or the housing could be damaged, which could lead to water leaks.

  • Turn on Water

    Turn on water either from shut-off valve and/or incoming and outgoing valves. If any leaks appear, tighten housing as needed.

  • Flush Cartridge for Ten - Fifteen (10 - 15) Minutes


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