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Voyager Legend™ UC Bluetooth Headset Take a Good Look

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    • Connectivity:

      Premium wireless Bluetooth headset system that seamlessly manages calls to and from your PC and mobile device.

    • Smart Sensor technology:

      Smart Sensor technology revolutionizes PC and mobile phone communication by working with you to simplify your day.

      • Senses when you put on the headset and automatically answers PC or mobile calls
      • When headset is not worn, incoming mobile calls route directly to your mobile phone, simply place the headset on and your calls automatically transfer back to the headset
      • When on a mobile or PC call, softphone presence is automatically updated so colleagues know you are available
      • Eliminates accidental dialing by locking call button when the headset is not worn
      • Automatically pauses multi-media audio when headset is removed and resumes when headset is replaced
    • Charging case:

      Portable charging case stores headset and USB adapter and provides on demand visual battery status for both headset and charging case. The case provides up to 14 hours of additional talk time. 

    • Desktop stand:

      When work takes you into the office, use the desktop stand that provides an elegant charging and storage solution.

    • Outstanding audio quality:

      Precision tuned triple-mic with enhanced DSP, separate your speech from up to 80 decibels of background noise, delivering clear voice quality to you and your listener.

      PC wideband and mobile (HFP 1.6) wideband support delivers heightened speech clarity, providing the best possible audio quality.

    • Wind noise protection:

      Enhanced WindSmart® technology provides three layers of wind protection – experience clear calls regardless of your environment.

    • Bluetooth USB mini-adapter:

      Bluetooth® USB mini-adapter, can stay in your laptop USB port for always-ready PC connectivity or can be stored in your charging case.

    • Music/Multi-media:

      Integrated A2DP lets you listen to streaming media from your mobile device, including your favorite songs, podcasts, turn-by-turn navigation and more, all from your headset.

    • Voice commands/alerts:

      Commands: Use your voice to answer incoming calls, check battery, redial, put headset in pairing mode and for a host of other commands.

      Alerts: Enhanced voice alerts tell you caller name (mobile calls only), remaining talk time, connection status, battery level and mute, enabling you to work smarter.



    • Longer lasting battery:

      Up to 7 hours talk time and 11 days standby. View headset battery status on your iPhone® and Android ® (requires app download).



    • Comfortable & durable:

      A design that’s balanced, soft and flexible – perfect for extended wear and all day comfort. Also featuring sweat-proof coating (P2i) for increased durability.

    • MyHeadset Updater:

      It's easy to upgrade firmware or personalize the settings using your USB cable, PC and the Plantronics MyHeadset Updater tool.


Voyager Legend™ UC Bluetooth Headset 360/Zoom

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Voyager Legend™ UC Bluetooth Headset Get Started

  • Pair Mobile Phone

    1. Power on your headset then choose:

    • Tap the Voice button and say “Pair mode,” or
    • Press and hold the Call button until you hear “Pairing”


    2. While the headset LEDs are flashing red and blue, activate Bluetooth® on your phone and set it to search for new devices. Select “PLT_Legend”.


    3. If prompted by your mobile phone for a passcode, enter 0000. Headset LED will stop flashing red and blue when your headset and phone are successfully paired and you will hear “Pairing successful”.


    4. Some phones may prompt you to allow access to contacts to enable caller name announcement.


    5. Make a test call from your mobile phone. End the call by pressing the call button . The call does not end when you remove your headset.



  • Connect PC

    Your Bluetooth USB adapter comes pre-paired to your headset

    1. Power on the headset


    2. Insert the USB adapter directly into your PC USB port. The LED will flash and then turn solid blue to indicate the headset is connected to the USB adapter. The LED remains solid blue when not on an active call.


    3. Load Plantronics Spokes software by visiting plantronics.com/software


    NOTE Plantronics Spokes software is required to enable call answer/end with most PC softphones and UC clients. Spokes also allows you to customize your headset’s behavior through advanced settings and options.


    Refer to the complete user guide located at plantronics.com/support if you need to re-pair.

  • Charge

    Three ways to charge your headset

    Your new headset has enough power to pair and make a few calls before charging is needed, though you may charge at any time.

    1) USB cable to PC or USB wall charger:

    • Align snap-fit magnetic areas of headset and USB cable.
    • Attach cable to USB wall charger or laptop for 90 minutes. LEDs turn off once fully charged.

    2) Charge case to PC or USB wall charger:

    • Align snap-fit magnetic areas of headset to the strip in the charging case.
    • Attach cable to USB wall charger or laptop for 90 minutes. LEDs turn off once fully charged.

    NOTE Your charge case has an internal battery and can fully recharge your headset twice while on the go before needing connection to a charge cable.

    3) Charge stand to PC or USB wall charger:

    • Align snap-fit magnetic areas of headset to the strip in the charging stand.
    • Attach cable to USB wall charger or laptop for 90 minutes. LEDs turn off once fully charged.


  • Call Controls

    1. Power on/off switch

    2. Volume up/down

    3. Call answer/end

    4. Mute/Voice commands


  • Fit Headset

    Ensure a proper fit for optimal sound clarity and comfort

    If necessary, replace the eartip for a better fit:

    • Push in eartip and rotate to the left to unlock it.
    • Align new eartip into slot.
    • Push in eartip and rotate to the right to lock it into place.

    The headset can be worn on either ear by adjusting the mic boom:

    • Rotate the boom upwards
    • Twist it around so eartip is on other side before lowering boom.


  • Use and Reset Smart Sensors

    Smart Sensors react when you put on or take off your headset.

    Putting on your headset will:

    • Answer an incoming call
    • Transfer an active call from your phone (Available only with your mobile phone)
    • Resume streaming audio


    Taking off your headset will:

    • Transfer an active call to your phone handset (Available only with your mobile phone)
    • Reject incoming call from mobile phone
    • Pause streaming audio
    • Lock the Call button to prevent accidental calls


    Try voice commands:

    • Tap the Voice button, wait for command request, then say a command. For example, “What can I say?” tells you the full list of available commands.


    Reset sensors:
    You may need to reset the sensors if they are not working as expected. Wearing the headset, tap the Call button to test sensors:

    • Talk time voice alert means sensors are working
    • A tone means sensors need to be reset

    To reset the sensors, charge your headset and place on a flat nonmetallic surface for more than 10 seconds.


Voyager Legend™ UC Bluetooth Headset Learn More

  • Specification 1

    • Packaging Contents

    • Bluetooth headset, USB mini-adapter, carrying case, desktop charging stand, micro USB charging cable, micro USB charging adapter, wall charger, eartips, foam eartip covers, Quick Start Guide

  • Specification 2

    • Talk Time

    • Up to 7 hours

  • Specification 3

    • Standby Time

    • Up to 11 days

  • Specification 4

    • Weight

    • 18 grams

  • Specification 5

    • Digital Encryption

    • 128-bit

  • Specification 6

    • Wearing Style

    • Over-the-ear, left/right wearing; boom microphone

  • Specification 7

    • Bluetooth Version

    • Bluetooth v3.0 + EDR

  • Specification 8

    • Audio Performance

    • PC and mobile (HFP 1.6) wideband: up to 6,800 Hz;
      echo cancellation, A2DP

  • Specification 9

    • WindSmart® Technology

    • Stainless steel wind screens
      Wind-filtering fabric barrier
      Digital Signal Processing

  • Specification 10

    • Hearing Protection

    • SoundGuard®: Sound leveling for listening comfort and acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118dBA

  • Specification 11

    • Multipoint Technology

    • Supports an active connection with two Bluetooth devices

  • Specification 12

    • Charge Connector

    • Magnetic

  • Specification 13

    • Charge Time

    • 1.5 hours for full charge

  • Specification 14

    • Headset Controls

    • Power on/off switch
      Volume up/down
      Call answer/end
      Mute/Voice commands

  • Specification 15

    • Voice Commands

    • Answer, Ignore, Pair Mode, Am I Connected, Check Battery, Redial, Cancel, Call Information, Call Vocalyst (MyHeadset Updater required outside US), What Can I Say

  • Specification 16

    • Voice Prompts

    • Power On/Off, Phone/PC Connected, Phone/PC Disconnected, Incoming Call, Pairing, Pairing Successful, Pairing Incomplete, Restart Headset, Talk Time Remaining, Battery Low, Recharge Headset, Mute On/Off, Volume Maximum/Minimum, Calling Back Last Number

  • Specification 17

    • Service & Support

    • 1-Year limited warranty

  • Specification 18

    • Range

    • Up to 33 feet (10 meters)

  • Specification 19

    • Models

    • B235, B235-M


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