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6' x 8' Juniper Privacy Panel Intro

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6' x 8' Juniper Privacy Panel Features

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    • Actual Dimensions:

      Actual Panel Dimensions: 91" x 108"

    • Seclusion and Privacy:

      We know that privacy goes both ways. Whether you're interested in hiding an ugly neighbor 's house from view or want to make sure that you're protected form the eyes of the outside world, our Juniper privacy panel can help you maintain your privacy and seclusion.

    • Guaranteed Quality:

      We are so confident in the quality and durability of our products, that we offer a transferable limited lifetime warranty on every fence that we sell. With ActiveYards®, you have the backing of the nation's largest manufacturer of vinyl fencing.

    • GlideLock™ Technology:

      Unlike other types of fencing, our patent pending GlideLock™ technology helps lock every picket tightly in place without any gaps. This method provides added strength to your fence and helps it stand up to the elements.

    • SolarGuard™ Technology:

      The color and look of your fence should compliment the natural beauty of the landscape that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. In order to maintain that beauty, the Juniper privacy panel is infused with our exclusive SolarGuard™ color retention technology, which helps protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. Where other fences can fade and become discolored over time, our fences retain their bright, like-new finish for years to come.

    • Code Approved:

      The Juniper Privacy panel has both the Miami-Dade Wind Code Approval as well as the Pool Code approval.


6' x 8' Juniper Privacy Panel Gallery

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6' x 8' Juniper Privacy Panel Specs

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6' x 8' Juniper Privacy Panel Instructions

  • Getting Started

    Step 1: Mark the fence location using string and stakes

    Step 2: Dig post holes 12" in diameter 36" deep. Use the Center to Center measurements of the fence model being installed for the Center to Center Post Distance.

    If a fence panel is being used that is less than width of a full panel, or if posts are being used other than 5" in width, measure the width of the panel and add the width of one post, that will be the Center-to-Center post distance of the holes.

  • Step 3 & Step 4

    Step 3: If frost line exceeds 30", dig hole to the appropriate depth and then add 6" of gravel for post drainage. Add concrete according to manufacturers instructions until a depth of 30" remains. Set post in hole ensuring it is plumb and level. Fill hole with concrete according to manufacturer's instructions. Go to Step 5.

    Step 4: If frost line does not exceed 30", insert 6" of gravel into bottom of both holes then set post in ground ensuring it is level. Ensure first post is plumb and level and then add concrete according to manufacturer's instructions.

  • Step 5 & Step 6

    Step 5: For Build-It-Yourself panel, insert aluminum into bottom rail, then insert bottom rail into bottom post route hole of the first post only.

    Step 6: Next, attach U-Channels to boards.

  • Step 7 & Step 8

    Step 7: Insert boards into bottom rail ensuring U-Channels are on both ends.

    Step 8: Attach middle rail into left side of post route then guide rail over boards.

  • Steps 9, 10, & 11

    Step 9: Insert pickets down through middle rail.

    Step 10: Insert top rail into post route holes of first post then guide rail over picket tops. Secure rails into second post.

    Step 11: Check to ensure the second Post is level, then measure panel plus ass dimensions from center of second post to center of next and dig the third post hole accordingly.

  • Finishing Up

    Step 12: Repeat process from Steps 2-9 until all fence panels and posts have been installed.

    Step 13: Apply glue on inside rim of post caps then attach to posts.


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