In-Sink-Erator - In-Sink-Erator Hot-1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser Product Demo

In-Sink-Erator Hot-1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation

  • Step 1

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new InSinkErator hot water dispenser – offering near boiling water on demand.

    This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily install your new unit. Please read your ICU thoroughly and carefully before installing your hot water dispenser.

  • Step 2 Here are the tools and equipment you will need to complete the installation
  • Step 3

    Before starting, check to make sure you have a grounded electrical outlet under your sink and that you can make the cold water connection. The outlet should not be same outlet used for another appliance such as a food waste disposer that is controlled by a switch.

    An InSinkErator sink-top switch may be used to avoid electrical changes. Consult your local plumbing supplier for more information.

    The hot water tank should have power and water supplied to it at all times – consult a qualified electrician or plumber if you need help with either.

    Also before starting – be sure to turn off the water supply. Then unpack the dispenser and carefully straighten the copper tubing.

  • Step 4 First – remove the spout from the assembly by turning the set screw in the spout holder approximately 2 full turns
  • Step 5 Then, working from under the sink and making sure the valve lever is in the upright position, feed the spout end of the dispenser up through the hole in the sink. Holding the dispenser in place, slip the rubber gasket and mounting nut over the valve lever and hand-tighten the nut on the threaded barrel.
  • Step 6

    Align the dispenser so the spout will dispense water into the sink and secure the tank by tightening the wing nut from the underside of the sink

    Check to make sure the rubber seal is in place on the inside of the spout tube and then reassemble the spout by pushing the spout into the dispenser as far as it will go and securing it with the set screw.

  • Step 7

    Bend and position the ¼” copper tubing from the tank so it fits into the cold water supply.

    Visually check for pinched or crimped tubes.

    Then connect the tube to the cold water supply.

    When connecting to a compression type T-fitting or valve, remove the nut and ferrule from the fitting. Then place the nut followed by the ferrule over the tube coming from the tank.

    Push the end into the T-fitting or valve and holding the end in position push the ferrule down as far as it will go. Then hand-tighten the nut over the ferrule.

    Tighten the nut firmly with a ½” wrench. For other connection types, please consult the ICU

    Don't plug the tank unit in yet.

  • Step 8 Now open the cold water supply valve and check for leaks. If there are any leaks carefully re-tighten all connections.
  • Step 9

    Without plugging the tank into the electrical outlet, turn the dispenser handle on and hold it to fill the tank.

    The tank will fill up and cold water will come out of the spout. Run the faucet for 3 minutes to flush the system, making sure all connections are watertight.

    Now you can plug in the tank. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for the water to reach its target temperature.

    Gurgling or hissing is normal during this initial heating cycle.

  • Step 10

    You're now ready to go, with near-boiling, hot water at your command.

    After 24 hours of operation, you may want to adjust the temperature of your hot water.

    The thermostat is preset at the factory at approximately 200°F. Care must be taken not to allow the water to boil. If this happens, you will experience steam and water dripping from the faucet and extended boiling may harm the unit. Simply adjust the temperature by 1/2 dial-mark increments clockwise to increase the temperature and counterclockwise to decrease the temperature.


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