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Bento Storage Boxes Intro

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Bento Storage Boxes Features

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    • Flex Dividers:

      Bento™ Flex Dividers easily pop open and closed enabling you to organize items while you store them in a customized space.

    • Stackable:

      Bento™ boxes stack together to make the most of your vertical space.

    • Tray:

      Bento™ trays can work on their own or as a tray for the box.

    • Durable & Sturdy:

      Bento™ containers are durable and sturdy, made from CARB-certified MDF board and covered in polyester fabric.

    • Various Sizes:

      Bento™ containers come in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large) to fit your commonly used items like file folders (L, XL), craft items, DVD’s/CD’s (M), and pens & keys/cell phone (S). Corresponding trays fit the Medium, Large and Extra-Large boxes.


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