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RotoZip® Coarse Zip®Disc Intro

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RotoZip® Coarse Zip®Disc Features

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    • Unique Abrasive:

      Silicon carbide handles everything from rust to paint and sticky adhesives.  Removes:

      • Metal - paint, rust, blemishes
      • Wood - paint, thin-set, mastic, adhesive
      • Concrete - paint, thin-set, mastic, adhesive
    • Durability:

      Integrated solid metal backing provides greater durability than typical fiberglass construction

    • Anti-Clog:

      Abrasive design prevents clogging from the removal of paints to adhesives

    • Compatibility:

      Can be used with the RotoZip ZipSaw Multi Saw and the ZipMate attachment

    • Fast Removal:

      Quickly removes coatings and imperfections without damaging the material surface

    • Long Life:

      Extra thick 1/2" abrasive allows for long disc life


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