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Project Painter Plus Intro

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Project Painter Plus Features

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    • Compact Design:

      This sprayer's big time performance comes in one small, lightweight package. That makes it easy to move around on the job, or fit neatly in the trunk of a car or on the shelf.

    • Simple to Operate Controls:

      The user-friendly controls make it easy to select a wide range of pressure settings.

    • High Performance Piston Pump:

      The heart of the Graco MAGNUM® Project Painter Plus is its uniquely engineered, high pressure piston pump. It delivers unmatched power and performance, and will last up to 85% longer than competitive sprayers.

    • Integrated Storage Compartments:

      Convenient, compact storage for the spray gun, extra tips, PowerFlush adapter, suction hose, power cord, and fluid hose help you keep it all together.

    • One or Five Gallon Options:

      MAGNUM® Project Painter Plus is compatible with one or five gallon paint containers. Pulling paint from the original container means less refills, less mess, and easier clean up.

    • Integrated Pail Hook:

      The integrated pail hook and support connects the paint container to the sprayer for convenient one-hand transport.

    • Lightweight Flexible Paint Hose:

      The flexible 25-foot hose provides maximum freedom of movement. A balanced designed and contoured grip make it easy to maneuver the spray gun around your job.

    • Metal Spray Gun & Reversible Tip:

      The durable Metal Spray Gun has an in-handle filter for better finish quality, and less tip plugging. Tip plugs are quickly and easily cleared by a simple turn of the spray tip handle. The precision tip design delivers feather-like edges, with minimal overspray. That makes it easy to achieve uniform and consistent coverage on a surface, for professional, high quality finish.

    • Power Flush Cleaning:

      Clean up doesn't get any simpler than this. Just attach a garden hose for a quick, easy power flush.

    • Accessories:

      Roller Attachment
      Turns your sprayer into a high-performance pressure roller system without the need for messy roller trays. Just trigger the gun for more paint spray and keep rolling.

      Tip Extension
      Extend your reach to spray ceilings, overhangs, and decks.

      RAC IV SwitchTip Spray Tips
      Reversible - Clear tip plugs quickly with just a twist of the handle. Perfect for a variety of residential or commercial projects and installs on Graco guns without tools for easy tip clearing and quick tip changes.

      Roller Covers - 9 inch (23 cm)
      Top-quality covers ensure a superior finish.

      Pump Armor Fluid
      Protects pump when not in use from corrosion. Simply fill your pump with Pump Armor and leave it until you use your sprayer again.

      Filters and Strainers
      Remove unwanted debris and prolong pump life, reduce tip plugging and improve finish.


Project Painter Plus 360 Rotation

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Project Painter Plus Applications

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Project Painter Plus Specifications

  • Specification 1

    • Maximum Delivery Rating:


      Maximum Operating Pressure:


      Motor Size:

    •  0.24 gpm (gallons per minute) (0.91 lpm (liters per minute))


      2800 psi (pounds per square inch) (193 bar)


      3/8 HP - runs off a household current (15 Amp) or 1500 Watt generator.

  • Specification 2


    • Sprayer Weight:

    • 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

  • Specification 3


    • Unit Comes With:

    • SG2 Spray Gun

      25 Ft. (7.5m) DuraFlex Airless Hose

      515 Reverse-A-Clean RAC IV Tip

      Pump Armor Storage Fluid (8 oz.)

      Operational DVD and Quick Start-up Guide


Project Painter Plus HD Long Copy

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