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Pajanimals 9" Plush Apollo Features

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    • Meet Apollo:

      A green and purple dog, Apollo is a natural leader, the one they all look to when the path is unclear. Filled with confidence and common sense, although at times, he can be surprisingly sensitive. When he gets hurt feelings, everything must stop while his friends carefully coax him out of his funk. A bit of a ham, he also can’t resist belting out a show tune should the opportunity arise.

    • Plush Character:

      9" Premium plush character

    • Jim Henson Studios:

      Inspired by the Jim Henson program "Pajanimals" as seen on PBS Sprout

    • Collect Them All:

      Collect all of your Pajanimals bedtime friends: Apollo, CowBella, Squacky and Sweetpea Sue (each character sold separately)


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